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With thoroughly modern perceptions into the nature of love love both carnal and sublime treacherous an. Lush descriptions dreamy stories

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A River Sutra

With imaginative lushness and narrative elan Mehta provides a novel that combines Indian storytelling. I simply adore this book It was reuired reading for my freshman core class and so I first read it the summer before college then again twice in college and onc

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D redeeming Conveys a world that is spiritual foreign and entirely accessible Vanity Fair Reading tour. loved it

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    How to describe this novel? What it is about? I would say that is about life itself about life love and suffering “In his attempt to frighten me my father had made me realize that to prevent suffering a man must be capable of suffering that a man who cannot suffer is not alive”― Gita Mehta A River SutraThe majestic river serves as a connector to all these stories This is a novel about India the modern and the old country o

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    I simply adore this book It was reuired reading for my freshman core class and so I first read it the summer before college then again twice in college and once after And I will probably go on reading it forever My copy is all battered and torn up and highlighted and that is exactly the way I enjoy it I still

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    I hate reading HindiSanskrit poetry in translationNow that it is out of my system I have mixed feelings about this one Stories are in

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    A Government official in India is in charge of a Government Rest House a sort of inn He is told stories about various individuals a Jain monk previously from a wealthy family; a music teacher; a courtesan searching for her lost daughter; an insane playboy; a River Minstrel and an anchorite who worships Shiva All this ta

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    Of the many stories and themes that flow through A River Sutra one stands out above all passion The individual stories that are told alongside this river are both awe inspiring and heartbreaking Altogether these stories of passion the story of A River Sutra function to demonstrate the functions of mythology as set by Joseph Campbell Here I will focus on the first and fourth function of mythology The pain that is seen throughout

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    Lush descriptions dreamy stories

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    loved it

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    Indian stories woven together but not fantastic Only one story stood out that of an old music teacher taking a young blind exceptional singer under his wing Absolutely moving very sad story Love reading it again and again

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    This book has stayed with me for years The poetry touched my heart when I was very impressionable I love how all the stories were woven together so seamlessly It made me realize at a very young age how connected we all are A beautiful work that I highly recommend

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    A nicely written peek into a somewhat different world Smooth and easy to digest I found myself trying to actually see the bungalow the jungle and importantly the river in my mind The chapter about the poor little singing child really threw me at the endAll in all makes me want to read Indian literature