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On has begun to doubt It will take the efforts of his estranged brother Gramling to save him but Gramling wrestles with demons of his ownConflict is inevitable Flight is impossible Nothing is assured But from the ashes of death and defeat a new victory may become possibleThe legend ends here.


Storm Kings Song of the Aura #6

They cannot win without the help of the Aura and the Aura have suddenly disappearedA new kind of Demon begins to terrorize the Remnant Familiar names begin to vanish leaving bloody trails in their wake Traitors cloud the daytime and shadows stalk the night Gribly once confident in his vocati.

SUMMARY Storm Kings Song of the Aura #6

A red dawn rises over VastThe fires of the Last War burn unabated in the homes of Avarine Elia and Lauro Each is the leader of their people but each is slowly losing their hold As the Day of Norne draws closer the Tannarch the Halanyad and the King all brace themselves for a battleThis time.

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  1. says:

    I read this mostly because I had read the previous five and needed to complete the series The story is too predictable and contrived

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