Tina Leonard [ Summary ] The Devil of Rancho Diablo

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HtOnly Jagger wasn't done with Erin And now that he was back in town and working at the Callahan ranch he had the perfect chance to prove that even a devil may careHarleuin Online Read American Roman.

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The Devil of Rancho Diablo

Like the fabled Diablo mustangs Jagger Knight had always been untamable Erin Stewart had learned that the hard way He'd promised her forever and then enlisted in the army shipping out to some remote.

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And dangerous location without even a wordNow it was Erin's turn to be wild she was on the verge of buying a house and moving out of state She was done with Diablo and certainly done with Jagger Knig.

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    i love cowboy stories but this in not one of them short story about happy simple end not good

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    Great read Love all of Tina's books Just found this one on Harleuincom

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