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Da What happens when Niagara Falls gets drunk at a wedding Is it legal to marry a stuffed owl exhibit What would Walt Whitman’s tit pics look like Why isn’t anyone named Gary any Did the Hatfield and McCoy babies ever fall in love The steep tilt of Lockwood’s li. I really should have liked this I just didn tLiked is the wrong word these poems should have captured me bewildered me in all the right ways dazed me with clever wordplay and broken my heart in all the heartbreaking rawness of it allThey didn tInstead and this is awful I kept imagining this Which is when Gayle read her poems on Bob s Burgers and it made a mockery of bad poetry readingsAnd this Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals isn t even bad poetry exactly it just wasn t great I didn t think Moments were and then the moments were lost again and I could not focus on the words Just really not for me

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Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Nes sends the reader snowballing downhill accumulating pieces of the scenery with every turn The poems’ subject is the natural world but their images would never occur in nature This book is serious and funny at the same time like a big grave with a clown lying in i. Not my cup of tea I prefer vodka

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A breathtaking new collection from one of today’s boldest and most adventurous poetsCollouial and incantatory the poems in Patricia Lockwood’s second collection address the most urgent uestions of our time like what if a deer did porn Is America going down on Cana. Here s what I suggest Look this book of poetry over then read Adam Plunkett s May 29th review Patricia Lockwood s Crowd Pleasing Poetry at wwwnewyorkercom then read the comments below that then read Mallory Ortburg s How Not to Review Women s Writing at then read Joanna Russ s 1968 How to Suppress Women s Writing then refer to Yesallwomen then read some Angela Carter and Gertrude Stein and some short stories by Borges and some poetry by GM Hopkins then go back to the book read it again then come and we ll hang outWe ll walk south along the Potomac towards Hains Point and look at the dying fish and the crazy Canada geese who don t know where they are supposed to be and we ll drink Gin and Tonics and talk We ll talk darling Oh yes there will be plenty to talk about This book makes me so happy I finished it Stewed a bit Talked about it Went back to it Got happy Added an extra star Thinking about opening it again

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    Here's what I suggest Look this book of poetry over then read Adam Plunkett's May 29th review Patricia Lockwood's Crowd Pleasing Poetry at wwwnewyorkercom then read the comments below that then read Mallory Ortburg's How Not to Review Women's Writing at then read Joanna Russ's 1968 How to Suppress Women's Writing

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    Who is not an atheist about Emily Dickinson's body which istotally unbelievable Reading this poetry collection on an October morning in an anon

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    Walt Whitman is the Number Two Beach Body every year because look at the way he snapped back into shape only months after giving birth to American PoetryOkay maybe this uote doesn't particularly represent Patricia Lockwood's poetry or does it?—I just thought it was funny and to be completely fair it's pretty much impo

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    I had no experience with Patricia Lockwood's poems until now Poems are what these are called; I assure you I did not make this up Yet they feel like short stories There are 31 poems in this collection The paperback is only 66 pages lo

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    I really should have liked this I just didn'tLiked is the wrong word these poems should have captured me bewildered me in al

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    the father and mother of American poetry are back from the dead for just one day They are standing up out of their graves turning to each other exchanging their tit picsNot sure if I'm correct in doing this but I laughed a lot at this poetry some of it is soooooooooo rude I had to leave the room to giggle otherwise I would have to explain my laughter to my kids Bambi doing porn and a poem showing just how dirty nature c

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    Since the poem Rape Joke went viral and was read by an estimated 100000 people rightfully so this book felt somewhat like the record you buy after hearing the brilliant lead single It's understandably difficult for the rest of the album to sustain your expectations There is a focus and clarity to Rape Joke that

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    Not my cup of tea I prefer vodka

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    I had really high expectations for this book of poetry it was going to be clever and shocking I was really disappointed that I found it to be neither It reminded me of listening to a clever teenager trying to sound jaded or be shocking without the depth of experience to avoid being trite I will freely admit I spent very l