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THREE FULL LENGTH THRILLERS FROM BESTSELLING AUTHOR DANI AMORETHE KILLING LEAGUE An FBI profiler discovers The Killing League a competition among active serial killers and soon learns that he and a woman whose life he helped saveare the grand prizeTHE RECRUITER Samuel Ackerman dro. In his collection of three unrelated superficial thrillers under the title Ames To Kill author Dan Ames has saved his worst for the first The Killing League is the story of a criminal mastermind who assembles a mini army of assassins in a killing competition Crossing the line between silly and ridiculous the participants are all serial killers with supervillain names whose psychological complexities are simplistically reduced to a fear of blackmail and a love of killing If you are looking for a genuine thriller with characters who don t belong in a comic book then I suggest you look elsewhereI have read other books by Mr Ames and he has the capability to be a decent writer Although copyrighted in 2014 The Killing League reads like an early effort like a high school assignment to write a novel which a young Dan finished on the bus at the last minute on the day it was dueYou will enjoy the second novel The Recruiter almost as much as you did not enjoy The Killing League Samuel Ackerman s dream is to become a Navy SEAL and he will literally kill anyone who stands in his way Suffice it to say there are plenty of people who he perceives stand in his way If this book were ever made into a movie I picture a young Ray Liotta playing the part of SamuelMr Ames has created sharply drawn characters in The Recruiter and tells his story with confidence skill and dark humor Despite some poor editing and careless factual errors the story is entertaining and suspenseful The ending is or less predictable but the fun in this book is getting to the destination not guessing itRegrettably in the third novel Killing The Rat Mr Ames did not save his best for last It was no than a mildly amusing black comedy populated by a large cast of forgettable characters chasing a suitcase of stolen Mob money and incriminating tapes The story s surprises were uninspired and unimpressive I have seen reviews of this book where some readers praised the ending as unpredictable Nonsensical would be a better wordSo after scoring the first book a zero his second book a 35 and his third book a generous 2 Mr Ames collection Ames To Kill has earned no better than a 2 in its entirety My advice is to skip books one and three and simply enjoy his second The Recruiter

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Ps out of Navy's Hell Week and fails to achieve his lifelong dream to be a Navy SEAL He must return to his small hometown and be a successful recruiter to get another chance at his dream He's looking for a few good recruitsand he won't take no for an answerKILLING THE RAT A Mafia. SLiPad

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Lowlife robs the head of the Detroit Mob and before entering the FBI's witness protection program decides to celebrate with plenty of booze an expensive hotel room and a high priced call girl When a hitman tracks them down the bullets start flying people die and the money disappea. Always a great read

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    In his collection of three unrelated superficial thrillers under the title Ames To Kill author Dan Ames has saved his wors

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    Dan Ames to Please and hits home runThis author gives you everything you want in a novel that will have you up all night unable to put this book downI will definitely have to get his next book so I can sample of his literary white knuckle suspense and mayhem

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    Triple The ThrillA trio of fast paced dramatic crime thrillers All by the same author but each one different and each one a great read Great descriptions fantastic drama and the pages just keep on turning Not stop action gritty with just a touch of romance

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    Killing GameI enjoyed reading “Ames to Kill” by Dan Ames 1 of 3 crime thrillers It’s a competition among active serial killers but what’s the grand prizeThe author wrote a great mystery that had me turning pages

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    Mystery Very addictive and great way to view what a dark side is out there and it does not matter how we choose to see life it’s still there and always will be and always has been from the beginning of times

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    Mob Mafia mayhem What a great storyteller Each book of this set was uniue capturing interest making it difficult to put aside when necessary

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    Always a great read

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    Fantastic ReadAll three stories were riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat Great reads I'm looking forward to reading

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    Three stand alone mysteriesBest to rest between episodes Didn't think I was going to like the last one when I started reading it but it grew on me