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Jane Austen and Names

For Jane Austen Edmund was a name the represented heroism and chivalry Maria signified heartlessness and Richard was a joke She had a weakness for Emma and a passion for Frederick which endured from her earliest years until she bestowed it on her last and most romantic hero Unlike most novelists of her period in naming her characters Jane Austen confined herself to the names found in everyday life choosing them to fit not only their personalities but their place in society While the classic English names are her staple she also drew on the Old Testament for her low born characters and eighteenth centur. This is a short book that contains tons of information about the given names JA chose for her characters I learned a lot about name origin nicknames how nicknames became given names How diminutives became given names in Protestant England The actual book ends at 85% on the Kindle to become a sample of Jane Austen and Food

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Lane 'This book will enrich our interpretation of Jane Austen's fiction for Ms Lane makes us look afresh at the use of food as symbol and metaphor’ Jane Austen Society Newsletter Maggie Lane is the author of many books on Jane Austen including 'Jane Austen's Family' 'Jane Austen's England' 'Jane Austen and Food' 'Understanding Austen' and the forthcoming 'Growing Older with Jane Austen' She also lectures and writes for the journals of the Jane Austen Societies of the UK US and Australia and is Consultant Editor of Regency World magazine Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publishe. It seems only natural that an author would be interested in names My writer friends collect interesting names for future characters and are constantly putting together different combinations A young Jane Austen playfully tried out a selection of husband names for herself in her father s parish register of marriages Expectant parents pour over lists of baby names and struggle to find just the right one As Maggie Lane points out in the introduction The pleasure of choosing names for progeny is one that maiden aunts normally forfeit But not Jane Austen Jane Austen and Names explores her choice of character names and what these choices reveal about the culture she lived in We also learn about Austen s personal likes and dislikes through excerpts from her letters Ms Lane begins with a chapter titled A Brief History of Names in which she outlines the changing common stock of English Christian names Names are drawn from a variety of sources and each name has an origin and meaning The author asserts that these are much less important to most name choosers parents and authors than the cyclical rise and fall of names on the social scale The following describes the cycle that applies as much to our current day name choices as it did to Regency England Typically a name or set of names will be taken up at the top of the social hierarchy being found alien even absurd by the majority Eventually through familiarity it will become acceptable to a broad range of people and by the time it has percolated to the very base of the pyramid it will have long been shunned by the trend setters who are now looking elsewhere Elsewhere might be a new set of imports or likely the revival of an old set of names The next chapters examine the social status of various categories of names as well as naming patterns and practices at the time Austen s novels were written Jane s own name is used to illustrate the trend away from diminutive forms Sally Nanny Betty very soon after her birth Her father wrote to relatives in 1775 to announce her birth declaring She is to be Jenny However she was never known by this name presumably because Jenny began to seem dated a name for old ladies or servants In the last three chapters the book comes into its full power examining the use of Christian names to mark the level of intimacy in a social relationship and Austen s Feeling for Names In our much casual society we may miss the full meaning of referring to someone as Catherine rather than Miss Morland But as Maggie Lane points out To use a person s Christian name was a mark of intimacy Well bred people with feelings of delicacy towards others did not presume on this intimacy until it was clear that an acuaintance was becoming a real friendship Most acuaintance of course never progressed this far and people would remain on formal terms for as long as they knew each other Here the author contrasts the friendships between Catherine Morland Isabella Thorpe and Eleanor Tilney in Northanger Abbey Where Isabella rushes Catherine into premature intimacy with no foundation in real feeling and the two are uickly calling each other by their Christian names Eleanor and Catherine s friendship progresses much slowly and is based on secure knowledge of one another s character and values Examples from Jane Austen s other works are included in this chapter and I look forward to re reading each novel while paying special attention to the use of names The book concludes with an alphabetical index of the names used in Jane Austen s novels Ms Lane s research is impressively detailed and even includes characters referred to in other people s conversation I found only one minor error referring to Admiral Crawford in Persuasion rather than Admiral Croft under the listing for the name Stephen Thanks to Ms Lane I now know that Stephen was rarely used by the gentry in Jane Austen s day and that she used this name for two servants one of whom was the Admiral s man in Persuasion and the other was a groom or postilion in Mansfield Park Well written and engaging in its tone Jane Austen and Names provides a wealth of information about Jane Austen s time and a greater understanding of her works It would make a wonderful addition to any Janeite s bookshelf

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Y creations for the would be fashionable In this study of a hitherto neglected area of the novelist’s art Maggie Lane looks at the history of English nomenclature up to Jane Austen’s time and at the naming patterns and practices current in her society including who was entitled to use the Christian name of whom A section on Jane Austen’s own taste in names is followed by an alphabetical listing of all the Christian names used in her mature fiction with their history social status and associations 'Jane Austen and Names' is a must read for anyone interested in the great novelist Praise for Maggie. Es un libro muy cortito menos de 100 p ginas pero con mucha informaci n Se lee muy r pido y creo ue es interesante adem s de para cualuier austenita para cualuier persona ue est interesada en las modas a la hora de poner nombres en el Reino Unido desde algo antes de la invasi n normanda hasta un poco despu s de la regenciaEst dividido en dos partes la primera es un resumen de la importancia y el significado de los nombres para Jane Austen y para la sociedad en la ue viv a y la segunda una lista con todos y cada uno de los nombres de pila ue aparecen en sus novelas Eso s no recomendar a saltar a la lista para ver alg n nombre concreto porue a veces no se repite lo ue se menciona en la primera parte como es el caso de Richard Musgrove ue sale adem s en la lista solo como Dick y no como Richard Poor Richard Ya aclara desde el principio ue no es un libro sobre la etimolog a de los nombres o lo ue significan sino sobre lo ue significan para la autora Her Charlottes are usually clear eyed pragmatists and her Henrys are rarely without charm y para la sociedad de su poca modas uso de diminutivos nombres de padrinos benefactores etc Me pareci muy interesante el tema de las modas y c mo un nombre ue en una poca era de los favoritos de la aristocracia en un par de generaciones s lo era apto para el servicioEn definitiva me pareci un libro muy interesante lo nico malo es ue ahora s ue no me habr a dedicado nunca un personaje positivo en sus libros porue With very few exceptions most notably Emma Woodhouse and Emma Watson it would seem that if a young woman s first name end in the letter a we can expect her to have little or none of her author s approval

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    This is a short book that contains tons of information about the given names JA chose for her characters I learned a lot about name or

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    short but interesting the thorough and detailed list of names and meanings at the end is a great resource

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    Jane Austen and names è un breve ma interessante saggio che prende in considerazione tutti i nomi utilizzati nei romanzi della famosa scrittrice inglese tentando di scoprire di volta in volta il motivo della sceltaIl saggio si compone di numerose sezioni tra cui Jane Austen's feelings for names e Names in the novels of Jane AustenMaggie Lan

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    They say his name is Henry A proof of how uneually the gifts of Fortune are bestowed — I have seen many a Joh

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    Es un libro muy cortito menos de 100 páginas pero con mucha información Se lee muy rápido y creo ue es interesante además de para cualuier austenita para cualuier persona ue esté interesada en las modas a la hora de poner nombres en el Reino Unido desde algo antes de la invasión normanda hasta un poco después de la regenciaE

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    Molto molto interessante con dei capitoli preliminari che parlano in generale dei nomi e della loro origine delle tendenze di moda ai tempi di Jane Austen e del rapporto della scrittrice con i nomi sia relativamente alla sua famiglia che alla fiction giovanile e canonica uesti sono seguiti da un elenco in ordin

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    It seems only natural that an author would be interested in names My writer friends collect interesting names for future characters and are constantly putting together different combinations A young Jane Austen playfully tried out a s

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    After finishing Jane Austen and Food it was time to get on with Maggie Lane’s Jane Austen and Names Names have a special meaning to most of us and mostly names mean than just the name itself In this study Maggie Lane has looked at an area which has not been given much attention She looks at the history of English names

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    A very helpful book for those who uestioned the names that Jane Austen chose to use in her novels as well as for those who write Austenesue books Cleared up a lot of name related things for me and confirmed some of my theories Thank you for writing such an excellent guide

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    A short but lovely read for name nerds and writers

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