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The Three Enchantress Sisters

Eir alluring web; humiliation desperation and hilarity ensue when they each foolishly get on their bad side In this War of the Sexes the men have no chance Enjoy this femdom tale o.

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F magic revenge forced CFNM and endless teasing and denial as three desperate men all suffer under the Gypsy magic of the very gorgeous but eually dangerous Three Enchantress Siste.

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Cosmina Alexandria and Daniela were uite the sight Their beautiful dark Gypsy looks hid the darker side of their heritage as the men in their lives would soon find out Caught in th.

About the Author: M.V. Gaius

I have been writing femdom fiction for years ever since the old altsexstories days on usenet and now have braved the world of epublishing Now fully onboard with the ebook revolution all my works will be made available in this new and exciting format and I am thrilled to participateHaving been warped as a child by Vampirella Comics Penthouse Forum letters Russ Meyer and the Ilsa She Wolf

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    Another fun instalment from MV I liked the touch of fantasy in this story What one of the guys had to do to himself was interesting I all can say is Oh myThe thing I like most about MV's stories is they are sexy and fun The humiliation is entertainingamusing as opposed to cruel and nasty Contains femdom orgasm denial foot worship fantasy

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