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Would you like to gain or save 20% of all money that goes through your hands during your life time You will learn that the very uality of your life is determined by how skilled a negotiator you are Did you know that everything is negotiable Everything IS negotiable If there is a price involved it's negotiableLearn the number one reason why we don't negotiate well and hear how it is traced back to our early childhoods and how to change it I have studied for years the techniues and tactics of negotiation and I'll share with you some personal.


Negotiate the best deal

Anecdotes and humorous real life stories of how I have turned negotiating skills in to an art formFor example have you ever bought a car through an automobile dealer only to later feel as though you didn't receive the best deal I'll explain how I have consistently saved thousands on every vehicle I've ever purchased And you can tooI identify the Two Types of Negotiating and explain the subtleties of each You'll learn that in business when negotiation is done right establishing relationships that are ripe for repeat business is easy and comf.

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Ortable Then we'll explore the contrast between North AmericanEuropean styles of negotiation with that of the Chinese Contract Approach where a 'Happy Business Agreement' is the desired and achieved outcome In addition to the above by the end of this audio you will knowWho has the power and how to get it if it's not youHow to prepare for any negotiationHow to use emotions effectively during negotiationHow to use Deadlines and Delays to your benefitThe Law of Four identify and address the basic issuesThe five possible results of a Negotiatio.