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Summary To Wake A Walker

Hot and heavy with a detective with uncanny skills she's never seen from a mortal before disaster strikes Can she patch things up without ruining what otherwise looks like the hottest adventure she'll ever haveThis paranormal erotic thriller by new author Michaela Kay is a delight of sensual scenes paired.

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To Wake A Walker

Sophia Morgan Walkers knows exactly what it takes to get herself hot and happy in bed Unfortunately she doesn't have uite such a firm grip on her magical gifts From the moment that they first surfaced they have consistently given her trouble and they don't appear to be letting up Just as things are getting.

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With nail biting adventure From the very first line Sophia captures reader's hearts with her honest down to earth voice and wry humor Sure to wake you up in all the right waysAt the moment only available on Smashwords or Kobo but it should be available through your favorite retailer by the end of the week.

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    Warning nsfw book still hot fun and great

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    A hot and steamy adventure with all the right dark notes Sophia is funny and witty right from the start

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    This is the kind of book you read that leaves you wanting or at least a little bit of what Sophia is getting and giving I loved the story and the eccentric characters within