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    This week on Dystopia Michel Houellebec discusses the future with Robert Heinlein Good evening M Houellebec Bonsoir M Heinlein Alors please tell me your vision of the future Sure So Western civilization it's already in a process of ah désintegration? You got it buddy As my old friend Cyril Kornbluth used to say they bree

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    Wow Great satire of French of European of Western values or lack thereof So well done that the irony often slips by unnoticed Who the

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    As a former Muslim I see that Houellebec is right on the money I escaped Egypt my country in search of a land of freedom and yet here oppression is chasing after me in the West We love for Europe to be Europe After all that is why we left our mother countries in search of a civilized world where human dignity is respected By the w

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    In the book “Submission” Houellebec describes in a calm almost casual style the fictional stories of a Pari

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    It seems as though Houellebec wrote the novel to stir up not debate but controversy I'm afraid to say that chargi

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    I have never been a big Houellebec fan finding his obsession with his own intellect and genitalia annoying so when a friend assured me that this book Submission from 2015 was his masterpiece and was not just a paen to his intellect

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    I set out to read this book expecting to be provoked because in my experience Houellebec is always hell bent on provoking somebody and very often that 'somebody' is of the opposite sex I wasn’t disappointed this time; his narrator managed to provoke me right at the beginning and regularly from then on so I decided tha

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    Would a society based on Moderate Islam be such a bad thing? This seems to be the kind of book that divides critics into the two eually useless camps1 This is islamophobic and racist garbage2 Bravo A dark satireMy view is that it's neither All Houllebec is saying is that a completely secular society is like a v

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    13 September 2020 Why would you let a book like I Hate Men gad about willy nilly? Get the damn thing banned now I'm just no

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    Sex Religion and PoliticsIf you only read one book about sex religion and politics this year make sure it's this oneIt packs enormous punch in

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Michel Houellebecq ↠ 9 Review


A Parigi in un indeterminato ma prossimo futuro vive François studioso di Huysmans che ha scelto di dedicarsi alla carriera universitaria Perso ormai ualsiasi entusiasmo verso l’insegnamento la sua vita procede diligente tranuilla e impermeabile ai grandi drammi della storia infiammata solo da fugaci avventure con alcune stud. Wow Great satire of French of European of Western values or lack thereof So well done that the irony often slips by unnoticed Who the hell are we SoumissionSo what do you call a novel about Muslims taking over control of France A novel of generally cynical politics A novel where women appear mostly in sexually explicit scenes and have little to say except in defining themselves in relation to men some exceptions A novel where 15 year old girls become acceptable as second or third child wives A novel in which the much touted French intellectual defender of superior French culture appears to be willing to sell out in favour of the above In this case it is called Soumission In the Islamic religion one submits to Allah In Soumission one submits to what one believes is necessary for a happy life perhaps the same thing but most likely cynical to a point In any event the Christian belief in Christ belief in European values are found wanting no longer relevant So submission it is GR readers seem to be greatly divided on this novel Not only are there sharp divisions on ratings but even those who agree on ratings often seem to have read different books Who should read this Those who have a strong sense of irony a willingness to be uncomfortable with themselves and a well developed understanding of satire for this is satire at its best subtle but in your face at the same time A certain knowledge of French culture and current French politics would also help but can be uickly acuired as needed on line The English translation is scheduled to be out in October 2015 Michel Houellebec has written a book about a disaffected lonely somewhat cynical French university professor at Sorbonne III Fran ois Fran ois has many years back written his doctoral thesis on the writings and life of Joris Karl Huysmans a fact that is important to the novel Alcohol seems to play an exaggerated role in his life The reader is subjected to his innermost thoughts on his life his work French politics and his sexual activities both alone and with others The story unfolds in the first person as the world evolves before Francois eyes So it s 2022 and France and the world have continued to unfold on the current track Nothing much has changed as France enters its scheduled elections And the Earth moves and nothing happens The gist of the story which you can read in detail elsewhere preferably in the book is that France inadvertently elects a Muslim led government Plausible under Houellebec s view of his compatriots The newly elected Muslim Brotherhood party in coalition with the Socialists moves slowly and intelligently under Prime Minister Mohammed Ben Abbes a likeable and competent man to transform France Europe and the entire Mediterranean region into a moderate Islamic culture He is somewhat of a Constantine transforming Rome This change leaves Fran ois at somewhat of a loss in particular he has lost his teaching position non Muslims are not allowed to teach in publicly funded institutions and he has lost his young Jewish girlfriend who has moved with her family to Israel and met someone else He wanders in this new culture at a loss but he was somewhat at a loss before the changes Houellebec makes it clear throughout the book that French European culture is already bankrupt Can we see the Muslim takeover as a new opportunity for a better future I do not believe that Houellebec wants to say that Nor is he in disdain of the Muslim takeover His disdain is for his fellow French citizens who have lost all values All is not lost for Fran ois however The new administration comes calling They need him They need an expert in Huysmans on the faculty Indeed the new administration wants to support traditional French culture for all of its respectability They have no intention of interfering with the tradition of La Belle France It is Fran ois who hesitates First in trying to situate himself in the new France he has gone searching for his old passion Huysmans He has tried to follow Huysmans into the world he withdrew into a hundred years earlier when he too found himself adrift in a changing France and uickly flees back to France uestioning Huysmans commitment and sure of his own ability to suffer Christian commitment He needs stimulation not adulation Mostly he needs to satisfy his own sexual obsessions normal male sexual obsessions He has returned to Paris to try to fulfill his needs and to basically give up when the offer comes to return to the Sorbonne But as with all good deals there is a condition Of course Fran ois must become a Muslim and he cannot imagine doing so His recent experience with his Christian beliefs has left him drained of the possibility of believing in any religion And this is where Houellebec is at his best He introduces us to Robert Rediger a man recently promoted to be in charge of the Sorbonne but moving uickly up the ladder into the leadership of the new Muslim government He is charming intelligent extremely well read and Muslim He converted to Islam as a young man and comes across as sincere At the same time Rediger is enjoying all of the benefits of his situation a grand old mansion an overflowing library the best of wines and a new 15 year old wife to supplement his first middle aged wife who uietly moves around in the background serving his every need Rediger explains his own conversion many years before feeling unsatisfied with the values of the world in which he lived Belgium Cette Europe ui tait le sommet de la civilisation de la monde s est bel et bien suicid e en l espace de uelues d cennies European culture was collapsing and his favourite bar in Brussels in the Hotel Metropole noted for its Art Nouveau style was closing In contrast he saw Islam as providing stability of tradition unchanging in its values in its submission to Allah As the Metropole closed he became a Muslim a sincere Muslim He tells his story to Fran ois and then sets out to lay out why Islam has become the core of his life the concept of submission of woman to man as in the novel The Story of O Fran ois has been given a lot to think about Rediger has also given him a small book he has written on Islam it has sold millions He reads the book and on their next encounter poses some uestions uestions on bigamy His main concern as a professor is that he does not consider himself to be a dominant male Rediger clarifies that no university professors are by nature dominant males But then there is the real problem of how does a man chose the right woman Here too Islam has developed the perfect solution les marieuses women whose role it is to approach young women s families on behalf of men Simply put the process of finding a spouse or spouses is without stress Islam has taken care of that Worry free courting Houellebec has been accused of being anti Islamic but I think not Yes it is Islam that takes over France but it is not portrayed as evil or oppressive It simply is Definitely Houellebec portrays it as something much benign than the Christian takeover of the Roman empire some 1 600 years ago Pagans would have gladly suffered such a fate as French citizens face here losing your job with a full pension No not the Muslims nor women are Houellebec s target It is his fellow French intellectual the complacent unthinking European who has abandoned all semblance of cultural tradition who cannot relate to hisher own roots who cannot form real human relationships that he attacks Islam isn t a bad thing It is portrayed as being a energetic committed other which replaces the sloth of Europe A satirical warning that if values matter the need to be upheld If not then accept what comes One thing should be noted by those of us in the Americas We a barely thought of here I would guess that Houellebec considers that we already have nothing to lose We are already long have been little than barbarians This is a novel about values and I suspect Houellebec is in complete distain of what we have and have never had His concern is for what France has lost and continues to lose

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Entesse che hanno sovente la durata di un corso di studi Ma ualcosa sta cambiando La Francia è in piena campagna elettorale le presidenziali vivono il loro momento cruciale I tradizionali euilibri mutano Nuove forze entrano in gioco spaccano il sistema consolidato e lo fanno crollare È un’implosione improvvisa ma senza scoss. I have never been a big Houellebec fan finding his obsession with his own intellect and genitalia annoying so when a friend assured me that this book Submission from 2015 was his masterpiece and was not just a paen to his intellect I gave it a shot Well aside from the novel premise of an islamic conversion of France in the 2017 election and a few comical observations here and there the book is still primarily about his own intellect and his genitalia I was bored from about page 5 and that ennui never really left me up to the end Yes there are some interesting observations and he does know an awful lot about Huysmans but his characters are flat and two dimensional his female characters are either ugly read unfuckable or sexy and it follows fondly fucked by the protagonist or inaccessible because they belong to another powerful male Despite the novelty of the central theme of Islam vs modernity Houellebec s own view of women is utilitarian and reductive In sum my low opinion of Houellebec remains low and I will be far less inclined to give him another shot to change that opinion in the future

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E che cresce e si sviluppa come un incubo che travolge anche François Sottomissione è il romanzo più visionario e insieme realista di Michel Houellebec capace di trascinare su un terreno ambiguo e sfuggente il lettore che come il protagonista François vedrà il mondo intorno a sé improvvisamente e inesorabilmente stravolger. 13 September 2020 Why would you let a book like I Hate Men gad about willy nilly Get the damn thing banned now I m just not sureI wonder why it is that sticking my dick up girls arses doesn t interest me like it used towhy a book that has something interesting to say about academiaThe girls love it Especially when I take my dick out of their arse and get them to lick it They really like that and also about politicsMaybe if I fucked two girls arses and then got them to lick my dick Maybe I d enjoy that like I used to Hmmmmshould interleave his ideas and uite amusing proseOr maybe Oh I don t know Young student Arse Licking excrement covered dick While another one licks my balls maybe Yeah Let s try thatwith tedious ludicrous shit about girls liking his pathetic to the reader dick up their anusses Maybe it gets guys to read the book I kind of wish that it wasn t a book where the ending was just what you thought it was going to be but maybe that was the point That his scenario is inevitable I don t know Any girls reading this like having dicks shoved up their arses and then get to lick them after That being the author s definition of love Form an orderly ueue I ll let him know

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Michel Houellebec born Michel Thomas born 26 February 1958 birth certificate or 1956 on the French island of Réunion is a controversial and award winning French novelist To admirers he is a writer in the tradition of literary provocation that reaches back to the Maruis de Sade and Baudelaire; to detractors he is a peddler who writes vulgar sleazy literature to shock His works though pa