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Review Serving in time Laser books ; 6

Jan Jeroux is leading a carefree and idyllic life in the serene underpopulated pastoral earth of the year 2500 His idyll ends abruptly when he is abducted and forced to join the Ti.

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Serving in time Laser books ; 6

Me Service of the mysterious world government In the service he learns how history was manipulated and controlled to produce the beautiful world he enjoyed so much Thinking he unde.

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Rstands how to rectify the injustice and devastation inflicted on the world by the time managers Jan decides to make things right But he makes a tragic errorCover Artist Kelly Frea.

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    In 1975 I subscribed to the first year of Laser Books releases and REALLY enjoyed every one that I read but never got around to most of them Trying to find copies again my library went to thrift stores when I moved out of my parent's house and Serving In Time was the first one I have re obtained and now finally readWhat a pleasure There was a magic about 60's70's science fiction and fantasy that often seems lacking in the modern work and

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    Looks like I'll be the first to write a review I picked this up at the town transfer station I always grab the sci fi From a series of books in the 70's I'm going to check out Gordon Eklund So far it's pretty boilerplate sci fi p 25 Cuzo sb CuzcoNow finished with this OK but uninspiring cheapie A few interesting ideas here so I can make it a 275 which rounds up to 3 Notes typos sort of confusing as is common with time tr

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    Pleasantly surprised with this one