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Nikki Danielle Tori Jill and Haley are five talented skaters who share one special dream competing in the Olympics someday And they're going to try to make it all happen in Silver Blades the best skating club aroundRumor.

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Rumors at the Rink Silver Blades

S At The RinkHaley can't believe it Kathy Bart her favorite coach in the whole world is uitting Silver Blades Haley's sure it's all her fault Why didn't she listen when everyone told her to stop playing practical jokes o.

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N KathyWith Kathy gone Haley knows she'll never win the next big competition She has to make Kathy change her mind no matter what But will Haley's secret plan workDon't miss the other books about the Silver Blades skater.

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    This book is very interesting It is about a pairs skater at the Senna Hills skating club She was eavesdropping on her coach Kathy and has heard her talk to someone named Amy about an ice showHaley assumes Kathy will uit coac

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    ice skating

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    Siendo sincera lo leí solo porue debía para mi clase de ingles nada especial

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