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Arrative of a band peaking at the right moment in history Once upon a time the Dead had the largest cult following in music but before their days were numbered they became an American institution and ‘77 was the year that changed their fate These psychedelic pranksters from the streets o.

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Grateful Dead 1977

F San Francisco became the embodiment of professionalism in the thick of the schizoid seventies as they mobilized a new generation of Deadheads with inspired performances A blueprint for future activity 1977 catapulted the Grateful Dead on to the golden road of unlimited prosperity and fam.

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For the Grateful Dead and their devotees 1977 was one long party from start to end and author Howard Weiner takes us on that ride again From the legendary gigs in Cornell Englishtown and the Winterland to the releases of The Grateful Dead movie and Terrapin Station this is a blow by blow n.

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    Lacking any insight into pretty much anything except set lists I couldnt even recommend this less than mediocre run down of a single year to even my fellow deadheads The title implies a lot than it delivers and to save you the timejust listen to the shows You will not learn anything about the Terrapin Nation how it came to rise or even what it is A better title would have been yet another Deadhead having a con