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Rive in Watch Hollow they have no idea that anything is wrong A mysterious stranger has made their father an offer that’s too good for him to refuse All Mr Tinker needs to do is fix the clock at Blackford House and fistfuls of gold coins are his to keepIt doesn’t take long however for the children to realize that there is to. I ve been a reader of Gregory Funaro s books since the very beginning when his novel Alistair Grim s Odditorium was released by Disney Hyperion The Alistair Grim series was simply magical and is still one of my very favorites If only Hyperion wasn t so focused on stretching thin their beloved Percy Jackson series maybe Alistair Grim would have received a third book to wrap up the series But alas Disney s publishing is an unfair mess so we have yet to see what happens to Alistair and his magical Odditorium Please go support that series by the way There s still hope for it as long as people keep readingFortunately Harper has wisely given Funaro a chance to spread his creative wings with the brand new middle grade fantasy Watch Hollow The story begins with Lucy Tinker and her family receiving an invite to Blackford House in Watch Hollow to fix a very mysterious clock While staying at the house they discover that it isn t a normal place and neither are the woods bordering the house In fact the woods are inhabited by The Garr a monster that wants Blackford House all to itself Now it is up to Lucy as the new caretaker of Blackford to protect the house its magic and her own family from the beastCreepy mansions small towns giant monsters Watch Hollow is a decent mix of fantasy and spookiness that never fails to be cute and entertaining The characters are lovable and the villains are scary but not too scary I liked Lucy as a main character but I liked her brother Oliver even It s sweet how closely he looks out for his little sister and even his father I also like that since he s a teenager he s struggling with acne and his voice cracking You don t often see details about puberty in middle grade fantasy books but the characters are at that age so it makes sense to reference that It made Oliver seem realisticWhile the Grim series took place in Victorian times Watch Hollow is a modern day tale with a very different feel This book doesn t have the whimsy and old fashioned charm of Funaro s previous work but I don t think it is supposed to If I had to choose between the two I prefer the uirky energy of Alistair Grim but Watch Hollow may appeal to modern day childrenOverall while not as fleshed out and epic as the Alistair Grim books this is a worthy addition to your middle grade fantasy shelf and is a great book to put in the hands of children It has just enough adventure mystery spookiness and cute animals to keep them turning the pagesA big thanks to Gregory Funaro for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review I m still drooling over this beautiful cover


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Blackford House than meets the eye And before they can entirely understand the strange world they’ve stumbled into Lucy and Oliver must join forces with a host of magical clock animals to defeat the Garr a vicious monster that not only wants Blackford House for itself but also seeks to destroy everything the Tinkers hold dear. I always look forward to a new book by Gregory Funaro but wow this time he really dials it up to 11Eleven year old Lucy Tinker and her older brother Oliver age 13 are struggling through life after the death of their mom two years earlier Their father is the proprietor of a small clock repair shop and tries to maintain optimism in the face of very little income and is just trying to get through each day as it comes But into their life comes a golden opportunity in the form of Mr uigley who wants to hire Mr Tinker Seems Mr uigley has recently bought a once grand house called the Blackford House and within it is a huge cuckoo clock that no longer works He invites the little family to move into the house for the summer while the clock is repaired The money he offers for the job is staggering It s a dream come true for the TinkersNot long after their arrival Lucy and Oliver discover that not all is as it seems and in fact there are some unexplainable and truly magical things happening in the house and the surrounding Shadow Woods I won t go into details in order to avoid spoilers but trust me it s really cool Readers will likely identify with either Oliver or Lucy or both as they separately discover the magical nature of what they encounter The build up through the first half of the plot is enticing and serves to develop these characters nicely The mystery of the nature of the magic as well as the history of the house also builds leading to the second half which is filled with exciting and at many times scary and perilous actionOne thing I always appreciate in a good YA or children s novel is when the author does not dumb down the plot or the situation Here I was pleased to see the scenes when Mr Tinker and Oliver work on the clock thoroughly and interestingly describing the mechanics of how cuckoo clocks actually work As an educated adult I can tell you I certainly learned a thing or two about winding mechanisms pendulums pipe couplings and conductor spheres and how the various parts work together But importantly several major themes run through this book including the nature of fear and love and the importance of balance in all things In addition the family must always deal with life after the death of their mother from cancer From my point of view as someone who has lost an immediate family member in this same way I can say this is handled extremely well in the book and with just the right amount of subtlety and pathos Bottom line this is a wonderful book for young people and not so young alike The overarching themes wind their way through an energetic and uniue plot that keep the pages turning This is one of those books that you won t let things like eating and sleeping get in the way of While the story is complete in this one volume there is a brief hint of further adventure to come in just the last couple of paragraphs I certainly hope so and if so I ll be first in line to get my hands on it

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Deep within the enchanted woods in the town of Watch Hollow stands the once grand Blackford House whose halls hold a magical secret a giant cuckoo clock that does much than tell time But when the clock’s gears cease to turn an evil presence lurking among the trees begins to come out of the shadowsWhen Lucy and Oliver Tinker ar. On sale now Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureGregory Funaro s just published Watch Hollow is a charmingly spooky or perhaps spookily charming contemporary fantasy featuring an 11 year old girl Lucy Tinker her 13 year old brother Oliver and their clockmaker father and also a fearsome giant a boy who mysteriously appears and disappears and a full dozen magical talking animals sure to warm the hearts of middle grade readers After a brief prologue with a heart stopping chase involving the giant a traitorous crow and a rat named Fennish Seven the story shifts to our main characters Lucy and her brother Oliver Between their mother s death from cancer two years earlier and their father s lack of business acumen the Tinker family is teetering on the brink of financial disaster So it feels like a huge windfall when a stranger Mr uigley appears in Tinker s Clock Shop and offers Mr Tinker a fortune in gold coins to come to uigley s old abandoned mansion Blackford House deep in the woods in Rhode Island and fix a huge clock that s built into the home and is the source of electrical power for the home To sweeten the deal Lucy and Oliver are invited alongThe Tinker family finds Blackford House an ominous place dingy and dilapidated with black twisted trees pressing in on every side The broken clock is ten feet in diameter with twelve animal shaped holes where the numbers on the face of the clock would normally appear Lucy finds two wooden statues of a snarling cat and a cute little dog that are the perfect size to fit in the clock face but the animals positions are the wrong shape The answer to that mystery is explained at least in part that night when the wooden dog turns into a real one and begs Lucy for her help Blackford House is sentient but weakened by an evil giant called the Garr who lurks in the woods The house its magical clock and animals and even the Tinkers themselves are in danger Watch Hollow is an appealing magical adventure with just enough tension and creepiness to keep things exciting for younger readers Both boys and girls will find the Tinker siblings sympathetic they re well rounded characters with both strengths like their courage and love and problems like Lucy s tendency to get in fights with a bullying classmate and Oliver s anxiety about his acne The animal characters are also delightful with some distinct personalities Torsten Six the little dog is anxious but loving and eager to trust Meridian the cat is far suspicious of the Tinker familyFunaro s writing has improved noticeably since he wrote his first middle grade novels a few years ago Alistair Grim s Odditorium and Alistair Grim s Odd Auaticum While Watch Hollow isn t uite as crazily fantastical as those books I found Watch Hollow coherent in its plot with improved flow and characterization Funaro still occasionally does some telling rather than showing but overall the plot flows well with enough depth and interesting details to keep the reader engagedEverything here was designed to work together in perfect balance sunstone and shadow wood light and dark day and night For in such balance there is potent magic Watch Hollow is the type of book that would lend itself to reading aloud to younger children as well as being given to middle grade readers who love fantasy animals or both The story ends on an open note not a cliffhanger thankfully with a second book Watch Hollow The Alchemist s Shadow expected in early 2020 I look forward to the further adventures of Lucy and OliverThanks to the author for sending a copy of this book to me for review

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    On sale now Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureGregory Funaro’s just published Watch Hollow is a charming

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    I don’t read a lot of middle grade books but this one was awesome and super fun Give me weird magic and gothic vibes any day I got sucked right in after the intriguing prologue Beautiful and magical writing great characters and a mysterious house Also I could definitely see this one as a movie 😍

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    Thanks to the generous offer of an ARC copy from the authorAnother imaginative Middle Grade Fantasy I'm looking forward to what seems to be the promise of a continued story But don't worry this has a satisfying end I'm always on the lookout for

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    I've been a reader of Gregory Funaro's books since the very beginning when his novel Alistair Grim's Odditorium was released by Disney Hyperion The Alistair Grim series was simply magical and is still one of my very favorites If only Hyperion wasn't so focused on stretching thin their beloved Percy Jackson series maybe Alistair Grim would have received a third book to wrap up the series But alas Disney's publis

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    What a delightful little spooky story of a terrifying giant a mysterious clock in a mysterious house a strange boy and talking creatures Lucy a

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    ARC provided by Young Adult Books CentralLucy and Oliver Tinker's father repairs clocks for a living but the business isn't doing well After the death of their mother from cancer the family moves into an apartment

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    Talking animals are always a tricky proposition for me but I found Watch Hollow to be a charming read with enough creepy overtones to make my horror jaded heart happyI started this as a buddy read with Jess from Storytime in the Stacks and swiftly found that I wanted to keep reading it This isn’t a book you

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    A struggling family economically and emotionally is offered a lucrative opportunity to fix a broken clock in the Watch Hollow mansion the source of energy for the house In a remote area of coastal New England the decrepit mansion is surrounded by the creepy and creeping Shadow Woods protected by sunstone and the

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    I always look forward to a new book by Gregory Funaro but wow this time he really dials it up to 11Eleven year old Lucy Tinker and her older brother Oliver age 13 are struggling through life after the death of thei

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    I first was introduced to this author Mr Funaro when he wrote his darker suspense novels Which I just enjoyed a lot Than Mr Funaro started a new journey into young adult author The Alistair Grim's Odditorium series is great It is magical and whimsical All ages from children teens to adults can enjoy that series Mr Funaro's newest offering i