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Enemies have gathered and attack Olympus from all directions From the East the Babylonians invade wreaking havoc as they search for their missing Goddess Ishtar From the South Ammon Ra leads his armies on a mission of revenge for the seduction of his daughter by Zeus From the North Odin and the other Gods of the Norse raid the lands of Greece as it lays defenseless as the Goddesses p.

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Olympus has Fallen Aphrodites Curse #3

Sh on an unsuspecting world And what of Ares trapped in human form or Apollo frozen into marble Will Thor win his freedom from his beautiful ex girlfriend Grid Will Archimedes ever find his key Will Orion ever find release from his vow to Artemis Stay tuned No Nymph’s tunic shall remain dry nor Satyr’s toga stay flat as the amazing action packed Femdom teasing adventure continues.

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Arty in a time bubble Will Olympus survive such a divine onslaught Time bubbles are popped Rednecks milked Frat boys humiliated chastity cages fly Nymphs riot Hell is invaded Thor enslaved Guacamole spilled Buxom Valkyries rampage and Gods are pegged as the teasing epic tale of Aphrodite’s Curse continues Will Demetrius find Aphrodite and lift the curse What havoc will Ishtar unlea.

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    Finally done god this was a long series When a book has bad personal values or is just god awful I have put them down before but decided to stay to the end of the plot for this one and it was not uninteresting just not descriptive From than 1000 pages the hero of this book projected almost no intrinsic personal v

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    kindle freebie

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