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E Charming they've been searching for ñ only to discover his idea of happily ever after includes handcuffs and riding crops The first story Bondage Beauty and the Beast is definitely not the Disney version as the Beast teaches his Beauty erotic submission In A uestion of Pleasure a Union captain discovers his.


Bodice Rippers

Lover is a Confederate spy and sets out to discover just what secrets she's revealed even if he must use sensuous persuasion to make her talk Finally a pretty mercenary becomes The Bloodslave when she finds herself a prisoner of war to three kinky vampires who consider her virginity an irresistible temptation.

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Angela Knight writing as Anastasia DayLike the bodice ripping romances of the 1980's these stories feature handsome dominant heroes but the heroines are as intelligent and strong willed as they are lovely and submission ends at the bedroom doorIn Anastasia Day's Bodice Rippers three lovely women meet the Princ.

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    Made up of three novellas this book is well written and very arousing Two of the novellas are set in the distant past one in the future but all contain sheer eroticism and tight writingThe book opens with the novella Bondage Beauty and the Beast Brianne is naked and helpless with her hands bound before her She is on a country lane somewhere with her head under a velvet hood Her husband has died and to make sure that Brianne can't get her sh

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    BODDICE RIPPERS BY ANASTASIA DAY I'm not sure that's the actual cover for this book It was the only result I had when I searched for it on Google thoughI feel a bit self conscious reviewing this The book consists

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    Bondage Beauty and the Beast A uestion of Pleasure the Bloodslave My Rating System couldn't finish wouldn't recommend would recommend would read again have read again