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With Ali Smith s final volume Summer due this week I hope for those who want to read Summer without revisiting the first three that this serves as a valuable resource The third of Ali s Smith s seasonal uartet after Autumn and Winter A book I started at the beginning of Spring in the UK and finished 24 hours later at the beginning of Autumn in Australia Interestingly at one point Richard remembers speaking in the past to his then future wife who is crying over the end of Spring And if you die before me he says I will spend all the time I m alive and not with you negotiating the various time differences across the world so that I can spend as much time as a man possibly can on this planet in springtime I found this uote interesting and somewhat ironical for two reasons on a personal level in that I contrived as noted above when reading this book to negotiate time differences to escape the onset of Spring and instead spend time in Autumn On a general level because in 2018 as covered in Spring Richard is alive and not with his wife however rather than him finding her there we as the reader realise she is in fact hiding in the pages of Autumn as Wendy Demand SA4AAll of the books feature the firm SA4A Smith Ali uartet Autumn which has served as a symbol of the threat of faceless and almost unknown multinationals In Autumn we see SA4A as a uasi police private security firm in Winter Art works for their entertainments division to enforce copyright on emerging artists In Spring book Britanny works for them at a UK Immigration Removal CentreBut that is far from the only element linking the books These are common elements I have spotted Cover ArtworkA wrap around cover featuring a David Hockney picture of a seasonal tunnel of trees respectively Autumn Early November Tunnel Winter Winter Tunnel with Snow and Spring Late Spring Tunnel Endpaper artworkEndpaper artwork by a key female artist featured in the book Autumn Pauline Boty s The Only Blonde in the World Winter Barbara Hepworth Winter Solstice and Spring Tacita Dean s Why Cloud Past DecadesA concentration on the modern day resonances of a historic 20th Century decade Autumn 1960s Winter 1980s Spring 1920s Note that the 1920s link for Spring is related to Katherine Mansfield who seems to function as a second female artist here alongside Tacita Dean the two together forming of the role played by a single artist in the two previous booksContemporary eventsOf course the key idea of the uartet is the coverage of immediately contemporary events woven through the text but each book has a concentration on key overarching themes Autumn the Brexit vote Winter Trump s election Spring the issue of borders both the Irish border and those erected to deter migrationsA link between past political actions from the crucial decade and contemporary events This was a crucial part of the concept of seasonality that Smith set out to explore when she commenced the uartet the concept that our real energy our real history is cyclic in continuance and at core rather than consecutive and how closely to contemporaneousness a finished book might be able to be in the world and yet how it could also be all through very much about stratified cyclic time In Autumn very deliberate parallels are drawn between the Profumo scandal and the Brexit vote the concept of the lies of those in power In Winter the environmental and climate change activism of Charlotte Art s ex girlfriend and the refugee involvement of the modern day Iris are linked directly to the Silent Spring inspired environmental activism of the commune where Iris lives many years before and her role in the Greenham Common protests In Spring the Irish border complications to the Brexit issue are linked to the death of Michael Collins in 1922 Think about it Ireland in uproar Brand new union Brand new border Brand new ancient Irish unrest Don t tell me this isn t relevant all over again in its brand new same old way Tragic deathA female artist who died tragically Autumn Boty of cancer Winter Hepworth of a fire in her studio Spring Mansfield of TB that death being important to Paddy persuading Richard to reject the play he is being asked to Direct due to its historical inaccuracyCollectionsA male character with a past link to that artist or who collected that artAutumn Daniel s close relation to Pauline Boty albeit he actually owns and just before the book then sells a Hepworth Winter Art s father who of course is Daniel s love of Barbara Hepworth Spring the Collected works of Katherine Mansfield which Paddy leaves Richard in her will Art influencing charactersActual works of art of the artist figuring in the book and sparking a character s imagination In Autumn Elisabeth looks at a book of Boty s paintings in Winter Art s mother views a Hepworth sculpture I believe Nesting Stones owned by his father in Spring Richard visits a gallery to view Dean s work The influence of the art as a metaphor for the uartetThe character s reaction to the art serving as a very deliberate metaphor for what Smith is trying to do in her uartet In Autumn Elisabeth comments on one of Boty s paintings The cow parsley The painted flowers Boty s sheer unadulterated reds in the re image ing of the image Put it together and what have you got Anything useful Which echoes a uestion Smith asked of herself in an interview as she started work on the concept We ll see what happens I have no idea how the reality will meet the conception I m looking forward to finding out In Winter Sophia comments of the Hepworth sculpture It makes you walk around it it makes you look through it from different sides see different things from different positions It s also like seeing inside and outside something at once which is a perfect metaphor for how Smith s writing forces us to examine our worldIn Spring Richard experiences something of an epiphany viewing Tacita Dean s cloud pictures They d made space to breathe possible up against something breathtaking After them the real clouds above London looked different like they were something you could read as breathing space This made something happen too to the buildings below them the traffic the ways in which people were passing each other in the street all of it part of a structure that didn t know it was a structure but was one all the same Again this seems a metaphor for the hopeful elements emerging in Smith s Spring trying to gives us space away from the clouds which seem to be oppressing our society and help us to see the bigger picture and our fundamental interconnectedness Time ContainersWhen discussing the uartet Smith commented But we re time containers we hold all our diachrony our pasts and our futures and also the pasts and futures of all the people who made us and who in turn we ll help to make in every one of our consecutive moments minutes days years In Autumn this concept was captured particularly in Daniel s dreams and his memories of his fleeing from Nazi Germany and of his brilliant sister killed in the holocaust In Winter the concept is even explicit when discussing Art s visions of the floating coastline Lux explains what she calls her own coastline In Spring the idea is I think best captured in the almost interminable 1129 on the railway platform in Kingussie as Richard reflects on much of his life Is a single minute really this long Is the clock that s broken the one inside him Rhythmic chaptersAn rhythmical chapter clearly designed to be read aloud Autumn the famous All across the country chapter which Smith seemed to use in most of her readings Winter the opening is dead chapter Spring has two We Want chapters one opening and the other voiced by technology giantsShakespeareA key link to a main Shakespeare plays as well as an opening and seasonally linked Shakespearean Epigraphs and links to other plays The main plays are all one of Shakespeare s late romances Autumn The Tempest Winter Cymbeline Spring Pericles leaving only The Winter s Tale DickensA key link to a Dickens work Autumn A Tale of Two Cities Winter A Christmas Carol Spring The Story of Richard DoubledickDickens Opening LinesAutumn starts It was the worst of times it was the worst of timeA Tale of Two Cities starts It was the best of times it was the worst of timesWinter starts God was dead to begin withA Christmas Carol starts Marley was dead to begin with Spring starts Now what we don t want is factsHard Times starts NOW what I want is FactsTV relationshipsSet alongside the literary references relationships with TV stars from older years In Autumn Wendy participates in a game show and forms a relationship with her minor celebrity participant a former child TV star in Winter Art s step father was a sitcom star In Spring Richard is an ex Play for Today Director for TV and meets Paddy his muse confidant closest friend and one time actually make that a double two time lover through their collaboration as Director and writerReappearing related charactersDaniel Gluck one of the two key characters of Autumn reappears as an earlier lover of a character in subseuent books Sophie in Winter and Paddy in Spring albeit with a different name in the latter mistakenly identified as Andy And as hinted above we see in Spring the other main character of Autumn emerging as Richard s daughterDysfunctional parentchild relationshipsIn Autumn Elisabeth and her mother as well as her missing father whose identity we only find out in Spring In Winter not just Art and Sophia but between Sophia and her own father In Spring Richard and his missing daughterA Love of and interest in Charlie ChaplinBoth his work and his own life introduced in each book by Daniel but then passed on in turn to other characters by those who Daniel infused with his love for ChaplinTrees as a recurring image throughout the bookA delight in wordplay and punningNote that play is a fundamental concept to Ali Smith She remarked at a book event at Foyles that it is important that dramas are called plays that playfulness and imagination are fundamental to her world view and that she once heard a comment which she found very true that if you watch a group of young animals for example kittens if one of the them is not playing it probably is a sign that the animal will not survive for longCharacter s names which form part of that punningArt in Winter being matched by Brit in Spring as well as Florence and her interaction with the immigration Machine with perhaps Elisabeth s surname Demand being the Autumn euivalentNon native punnersA character who delights in wordplay and expanding other character s appreciation of language ironically but presumably very deliberately given the immigration and Brexit ideas running through the books in each cases a non native English speakerIn Autumn Daniel broadens the language of the young Elisabeth in Winter Lux has a great grasp of English language and literature and her own name serves as a pun at one stage LuxLexiography In Spring the character is Florence The importance of postcardsA postcard from Daniel to Sophie forms a key link between Autumn and Winter In Spring postcards form a link between Richard and Paddy and his imaginary daughter and feature in the stories of Mansfield and Rilke as retold by Paddy In Richard s letter to the screenwriter Terp a failed attempt to dissuade Terp from adapting the gentle literary novel April about the near meeting of Mansfield and Rilke in Switzerland in 1922 into a preposterous bonk buster he proposes changing the script to a series of postcards observing Our lives often have what we might call a postcard nature Eduardo BoubatAn early reference within the first ten pages to Eduardo Boubat s petite fille aux feuilles mortes jardin du Luxembourg Paris 1946 In Autumn Daniel remembers the postcard of it that he bought in Paris in the 1980s In Winter Sophie the recipient we later realise of the postcard is reminded of the postcard by the disembodied head she starts seeingIn Spring a disembodied voice perhaps taken as we later realise is much of the book from Florence s Hot Air book says I m the child who s been buried in leaves with a later reference to children with clothes as ragged as suits of old leaves The symbolism of fences and commons The image that Ali Smith first thought of when she envisaged the Seasonal uartet was a fence and as commented in my opening remarks the key for Ali Smith throughout this uartet was to emphasise that nothing is not connected and that division is a lieIn Autumn Elisabeth s mother is shocked by a fence erected on a common near her home the fence serving a metaphor for Brexit In Winter Iris chains herself to a fence at the very start of the Greenham Commons protests In Spring the fences are in the Immigration centre and the replacement of the commons by enclosures was the first stage of the Highland clearances which feature in the novel

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Ali Smith has set herself the task of writing these four seasonal novels uickly To help achieve this she uses the same scaffolding in each of them She begins with a play on the opening line of various Charles Dickens works the great British critic of social injustice She ghosts in a Shakespeare play someonesomething all us Brits can all be proud of In each book she offsets the present day with a distant decade of the 20th century She incorporates into each book a sinister governmental corporation SA4A And she filters in the works of a relatively unknown female British artist In Spring she calls upon the photographer Tacita Dean But here she also drafts in as artists in residence Katherine Mansfield and Rainer Maria Rilke I haven t read the letters of many authors In fact apart from Kafka s letters to Milena and Virginia Woolf s letters the only books of collected letters I ve ever read have been Mansfield s and Rilke s I lived next door to Rilke s brief home in Florence for a while and so was very curious about him Both have a special place in my heart So this should have been exciting Instead I found the role Mansfield and Rilke were called upon to play in this novel gratuitously madcap and dissatisfying Ultimately Mansfield and Rilke are called upon to represent the 1920s and mock the sensationalist nature of modern television productions The lead character in the early part of the novel is a filmmaker and called upon to make a film about a non existent love affair between Mansfield and Rilke Smith has fun mocking contemporary TV but there s the implication that television used to be challenging and sophisticated a premise that is dubious at best and ironically saddles Smith with a form of the make believe good old days nostalgia that prompted so many ageing Brits to vote for Brexit When at one point the scriptwriter maintains the Irish problem has to feature in any film about a 1920 s meeting of Mansfield and Rilke my eyebrow lifted in further bafflement Mansfield and Rilke after all have no connection to Ireland than they do to Iran or Kenya Ultimately I felt Mansfield is too close to Smith to play such a bit role Mansfield like Smith continually sought a lost innocence in her work Like Smith she saw the good in people and cleverly juxtaposed it with the corruption of daily life Though Mansfield rarely if ever mentioned the first world war it was ever present in her work as a kind of impassable divide She was raging against it much as Smith rages against the machinery of modern lifeThankfully the second half of Spring was much coherent and engaging Smith s rage now comes to the fore We re introduced to Brit and her pernicious indifference to the inhumane treatment of the refugees she oversees every day in a detainment institution If Smith s depiction of how these people are treated is accurate and there s every reason to believe it is it s the kind of state apparatus the Nazis wouldn t disdain Smith deploys another of her magical females Florence in this case to argue with Brit I m not sure I entirely understood the BritFlorence dynamic Usually Smith s innocents help the corrupt see the errors of their ways In this case Brit just carries on regardless which made the ending for me a bit of a juiceless lemon There s a sense that Brexit and the various cans of worms it opened was the best gift Ali Smith as a novelist was ever given It s given her preoccupation with the corruption of innocence an entire nation as a stage For me Brexit has flung open shutters on how much there is to be ashamed about in our country in the 21st country Therefore I m thankful to Ali Smith not only for addressing these ills but also reminding me how much there is to celebrate in life and take optimism from 42 stars For me better than Winter but Autumn is still my favourite Structurally it was the most cohesively clever But I m looking forward to reading them consecutively to see how much I ve missed

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    Ali Smith wordsmithAli Smith poet of hope Ali Smith magicianAli smith the great connective 'The air lifts It’s the scent of commencement initiation threshold The air lets you know uite ceremonially that something has changed Primroses Deep in the ivy throw wide the arms of their leaves Colour slashes across the everyday The deep blue of grape hyacinths the bright yellows in wastelands catching the eyes of the people on trains B

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    With Ali Smith's final volume Summer due this week I hope for those who want to read Summer without revisiting the first

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    Ali Smith is our oracle Spring is the third instalment in Ali Smith’s Seasonal uartet of novels which examine the current state of Britain through the lives of everyday people By writing as close to publication as possible Smith transforms your news feed into something deeply humane and essential To me they are balm f

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    Ah you're reading the book with the Hockney tree image again The branches have lots of new leaves I see Yes yes YES This is the third book in the series I'm very excited Can't turn the pages fast enough Slow down no need to rush No one's calling Time No one's saying Read up Read up You're right you're right I need to be calm and savor every budding idea every blossoming image That's it nice and easy It's only early April after all And you

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    I'd like to apologize for giving Spring only 5 stars because this rating still fails to reflect the book's genius In the third installment of her seasonal uartet after Autumn and Winter Ali Smith writes about the human longing to be seen to have a home in the world and in other people Once again the book shine

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    Ali Smith has set herself the task of writing these four seasonal novels uickly To help achieve this she uses the same scaffolding in each of them She begins with a play on the opening line of various Charles Dickens' works the great British critic of social injustice She ghosts in a Shakespeare play someonesomething all us Brits

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    Damn This was so good I practically inhaled it How do I even begin to write a review for this incredible novel I am unworthy and unskilledAli Smith is a genius A creative very humane genius I am absolutely blown away yet again This was magical touching surreal and so contemporary As it was the case with the previous instalments of this uartet Smith introduces the reader to another female artist who has been forgotten Thi

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    Another near masterpiece from Ali Smith's seasonal uartet in some ways I think this one is the best yet Once again she weaves a number of strands in a way which can seem almost random but the further you get into the uartet the the whole seems planned and everything is there for a reason I am not going to write a long detailed revi

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    Ali Smith is in deep trouble How in the world is she going to top this with the next instalment of her Season’s uartet? This is easily the best novel I have read this year For me it is almost a masterpiece I ador

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    I shall be glad though when Spring comes Winter is a difficult time A letter in 1922 from Katherine Mansfield to LM Lesley Moore her nickname f