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  • Bachelor Boys
  • Kate Saunders
  • English
  • 21 November 2019
  • 9780312339418

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    After a rather depressing experience with the umpteenth vampire book I was looking for some shallow vapid preferably British chick lit that would hopefully keep occupied only 2 neurons of my brainI picked up this book hoping that the cherries on the cover would be a sure sign of what I was looking for And up to a certain page it act

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    I picked this one up based on the recommendation of the trusty Emily of Emily and Her Little Pink Notes may she blog again soon Prior to Emily's review I'd never heard of Kate Saunders before and so went in knowing next to nothing but that it was a rather obscure British chick lit and Emily was awfully fond of it And that's essentially enoug

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    I definitely wasn’t looking for it I sure as hell didn’t expect to find it This book as been sitting by my bed for six weeks a library book with 3 renewals I was pretty sure I was going to have to renewal for a fourth time if I didn’t pick it up soon and read it SoI picked it up I picked it up this morning; while the

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    4th read Still one of my very favorite chick lit novels Those Darling brothers are uite the catch So glad I chose to reread it on vac

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    This was a cute book in my opinion There were some expected plots but it kept my brain working It left me thinking I knew what was going on b

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    I'm embarrassed to admit this but I'll go ahead and tell you Even though this is mostly silly chick lit it actually made me cry Something about the author's portrayal of these men and their relationships with women just tore me up

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    45 out of 5 starsSince I'm basically an historical romance and mystery enthusiast I don't often read contemporary romance But I really enjoyed Kate Saunders' historical mystery series starting with The Secrets o

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    You know from the very beginning that Phoebe has cancer and that she's dying from it That is why when you read this and you start crying your eyes out you know this is a great book When an author can tell you what's going to happen and you still don't want to accept it and when you are forced to you start bawling you know you have a

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    I picked up this book years ago while I was in a bookstore I had no idea who Kate Saunders was I love cherries

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    When I picked up Bachelor Boys I had expected a light romantic chick lit By the time I put it down I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach Just having lost my father to cancer I thought the book did a beautiful job of portraying living life the best you can while trying to deal with someone close to you dying and the reality of death and loss

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Kate Saunders ¶ 6 REVIEW

Bachelor Boys

Cassie is grown up now living a suitable life with a suitable boyfriend until her beloved Phoebe falls ill and comes to Cassie with one last reuest Will Cassie help her sons a pair of incorrigible bachelors find wives to look after them It's true they are gorgeously handsome but they are also unemploye. I m embarrassed to admit this but I ll go ahead and tell you Even though this is mostly silly chick lit it actually made me cry Something about the author s portrayal of these men and their relationships with women just tore me up

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All the warmth and love in Cassie's childhood came from the Darling family Escaping from her own remote chilly parents Cassie reveled in the exuberant chaos she found at the home of the Darlings two boys a cheerful father and a glorious mother Phoebe who always welcomed the lonely little girl next door. After a rather depressing experience with the umpteenth vampire book I was looking for some shallow vapid preferably British chick lit that would hopefully keep occupied only 2 neurons of my brainI picked up this book hoping that the cherries on the cover would be a sure sign of what I was looking for And up to a certain page it actually was kind of what I expectedThe premises were all there we meet Cassie an overachieving editor at a literary magazine and her boyfriend Matthew an overachieving controlling and boring lawyer with a balding tendency Cassie comes from a family of academics who never showed her a crumb of affection and has spent her childhood being looked after by her family s neighbors Phoebe Jimmy and their two boys Fritz and Ben When Cassie receives a phone call from her beloved and terminally sick surrogate mother Phoebe asking for her help to marry off her bachelor and hopelessly gigolo boys Cassie can only consent though rather reluctantly the boys are really hopeless total slackers no job no money no property nothing She therefore starts her uest for possible candidates while trying to make the two slackers presentable Up to this point I found the plot rather amusing but stupid Who would seriously agree to such a deal Maybe Cassie but certainly not Fritz and Ben who were two total gigolos and supposed to get married within mere monthsAs I settled comfortably on my couch letting the two neurons roam free inside my skull everything changed The plot developed but most importantly the characters came alive and literally ripped the pages of the book What sucked me in was the touching relationship between Phoebe and Cassie the love between a mother and a daughter she never had and who is helping her to die I might be extremely sensitive about this topic for personal reasons and I might be particularly sensitive to death in general but I thought Saunders did a great job taking me through the final bittersweet moments of life of a person who is rather comically preparing herself and those around her for death I can t deny I shed some tears and that is NOT what I expected from my chick litA book that was meant to be shallow and banal suddenly demanded an increasing number of my neurons to properly cope with the real plots love in all its shapes be it motherly brotherly or between a man and a woman death and how it permeates every aspect of our lives because it is inevitable yet so very natural and friendship because chemistry at first sight is possible but love has to go through a few sometimes rather painful phases to be genuineSo the main asset of this book is certainly characterization well developed REAL characters presented to us by means of a cunning and unrushed narration where chapter after chapter they become and defined we get to know them to appreciate them in their imperfection to identify with them And with Cassie identify I did There were so many things she said and thought in the book which could easily have come out of my mouth The snob in me registered that there were no books in the house except photograph albums and no pictures Evidently Mrs Batty did not like clutter This is probably the first thing I notice when I go to somebody s house the absence or presence of books And it IS totally snob But this is just one example of many and I think that when an author manages to make me reader identify with one of the characters it is no small conuest It is actually what every author should keep in mind when creating a character readers need to relate to empathize with at least one of the protagonists if I do not care for the heroine of the book how am I motivated to go on readingIt would have been a 5 stars for sure if not for the fact that end in end it HAD to have something of the chick lit a highly predictable plot some gender related stereotyping a few rather excessive sappy moments I almost got cavities None of these though detract from the beauty of this book which is obviously so much than I expectedI highly recommend it if you re looking for an easy read but one with heart depth and very good storytelling

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D and still living in their mother's basement Cassie can scarcely say ‘No' to Phoebe but how will she ever find decent girlfriends let alone wives for these wildly sexy and wildly impractical bachelor boysKate Saunders's Bachelor Boys is a story about love and loss that's moving wise and wickedly fun. 45 out of 5 starsSince I m basically an historical romance and mystery enthusiast I don t often read contemporary romance But I really enjoyed Kate Saunders historical mystery series starting with The Secrets of Wishtide She so far written two books in that series and I hope that there will be many to come So on the strength of Saunders historical mysteries I tried her contemporary romance and I am so glad that I didOn the surface this book would seem to be a light fluffy romance part of the chick lit genre No way The book deals with some very profound themes Love in all its guises parent for child child for parent friend for friend and of course romantic love And loss the aching loss of someone we love And finding and accepting ourselves in a way that s true to life and not a fiction uick fixCassie the protagonist was an only child who had two parents who were totally negligent and uncaring On top of that her father was cold controlling and extremely passive aggressive Cassie gets informally adopted by the family next door who literally save her life after an action of her parents puts her at risk The family consists of Jimmy the dad Phoebe the mom and their two boys Fritz and Ben both close in age to Cassie It s a happy loving functional family everything Cassie s parents are not and they warmly and willingly embrace her as she becomes part of them Right away I fell in love with this familyWhen the book opens Phoebe asks Cassie now in her early 30 s to do her a favor Phoebe has cancer and she s worried about Fritz and Ben who have failed to launch and live in her basement Phoebe wants Cassie to find them wives so Phoebe can stop worrying that her sons will be alone when she s gone Cassie thinks that this is a harebrained idea but she ll do anything for Phoebe so comes up with a plan to find life mates for Ben and FritzThis book is beautifully written The relationship between Cassie and Phoebe is heart warming and heartbreaking because Phoebe is terminally ill Phoebe is such a wonderful and vivid character that I spent the whole book rooting for her to survive In fact all the characters are extremely well written with nuance and complexity I got totally lost in this book and invested in the outcome It s a great story with great dialogue wonderful characters and even though one of the main characters is dying there is nothing depressing whatsoever about the book And it is also a romance so romance lovers will definitely get their romance fix Get out your tissues when you read this book and I mean that in the best sense

About the Author: Kate Saunders

Kate Saunders born 1960 is an English author actress and journalist The daughter of the early public relations advocate Basil Saunders and his journalist wife Betty née Smith Saunders has worked for newspapers and magazines in the UK including The Sunday Times Sunday Express Daily Telegraph She and CosmopolitanShe has also been a regular contributor to radio and television with appe