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E engineers' processes provided a timely way to set desirable standards that would have taken much longer to emerge from the market and that governments were rarely willing to set By the 1920s the standardizers began to think of themselves as critical to global prosperity and world peace After World War II standardizers transcended Cold War divisions to create standards that made the global economy possible Finally Yates and Murphy reveal how since 1990 a new generation of standardizers has focused on supporting the Internet and Web while applying the same standard setting process to regulate the potential social and environmental harms of the increasingly global economyDrawing on archival materials from three continents i.

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Ncluding newly uncovered documents contributed by key standard setters interviews and direct observation of recent Web related standard setting Yates and Murphy describe the positive ideals that sparked the standardization movement the ways its leaders tried to realize those ideals and the challenges the movement faces today An in depth history of the engineers and organizations that developed and operate the vast yet inconspicuous global infrastructure of private consensus based standard setting Engineering Rules is a riveting global history of the people processes and organizations that created and maintain this nearly invisible infrastructure of today's economy which is just as important as the state or the global marke.

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Private voluntary standards shape almost everything we use from screw threads to shipping containers to e readers They have been critical to every major change in the world economy for than a century including the rise of global manufacturing and the ubiuity of the Internet In Engineering Rules JoAnne Yates and Craig Murphy trace the standard setting system's evolution through time revealing a process with an astonishingly pervasive if rarely noticed impact on all of our livesStandard setting was established in the 1880s when engineers aimed to prove their status as professionals by creating useful standards that would be widely adopted by manufacturers while satisfying corporate customers Yates and Murphy explain how thes.

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