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R reform of conditions achieved successful outcomes when others failedMaintaining that the Chicago Crime Lab findings are the gold standard evidence based research EBR in pretrial detention Roush holds that the observed firsts for juvenile detention may perhaps have the power to transform all custody practices He shows that the findings validate a new model of institutional reform based on cognitive behavioral programming CBT reveal statistically significant reductions in in custody violence and recidivism and demonstrate that at least one variation of short term secure custody c.

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Recalibrating Juvenile Detention

An influence positively certain life outcomes for Chicago's highest risk and most disadvantaged youth With the uarterly Journal of Economics imprimatur and endorsement by the President's Council of Economic Advisors the book is a reverse engineering of these once in a lifetime events recidivism reduction and EBR in pretrial detention that explains the important and transformative implications for the future of juvenile justice practice The book is essential reading for graduate students in juvenile justice criminology and corrections as well as practitioners judges and policymake.

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Recalibrating Juvenile Detention chronicles the lessons learned from the 2007 to 2015 landmark US District Court ordered reform of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center JTDC in Illinois following years of litigation by the ACLU about egregious and unconstitutional conditions of confinement In addition to explaining the implications of the Court's actions the book includes an analysis of a major evaluation research report by the University of Chicago Crime Lab and explains for scholars practitioners administrators policymakers and advocates how and why this particula.

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