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Report to the station to learn what kind of woman you will be A white ticket grants you children A blue ticket grants you freedom You are relieved of the terrible burden of choice And once you've taken your ticket there is no going backBut what if the life yo. The thing is bookshops are over packed with feminist dystopias obsessing about babies and motherhood Yes reproductive rights remain a contested issue but Atwood nailed the topic and this feels like one of many many also rans I loved the twisted fairy tale aura of The Water Cure but this feels unoriginal in comparison It s hard to buy into the simplistic premise that has minimal world building to convince and the writing is merely workmanlike Overall this lacks conviction and energy disappointingly flabby with little tension or driveARC from NetGalley

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U're given is the wrong one Blue Ticket is a devastating enuiry into free will and the fraught space of motherhood Bold and chilling it pushes beneath the skin of female identity and patriarchal violence to the point where human longing meets our animal bodies. There are two paths a girl can take in life and both are governed by a lottery A white ticket will see her with a baby a husband and a loving home A blue ticket will see this future disallowed to her and she will be cast out into the world to make for herself what she can For the teen girls who receive their lottery ticket the latter feels like freedom but to some of the women they become it feels like a nightmareCalla is one such woman She spends her days at repetitive work and her nights sipping overly sweet wine until the edges of reality blur and fade to black altogether only for a new day to begin and herald a repeat of all those that came before She is looking for something that can t be found in strings of men and women the cigarettes she chain smokes or the empty bottles that litter her spare apartment She is looking for the one future the blue ticket held inside her locket forbids her fromI appreciated how this unsettling dystopian tale opened up ideas of femininity and motherhood and how the two are often wrongly interlinked The women denied the latter are over sexualised and sold a shallow way of living that kept meaningful conversation and loving contact at bay The white ticket women are overly protected from this but are coddled and cosseted in the domestic sphere instead Maybe some are happy with their fate but most are too brain washed into thinking no other future is viable for them to begin to uestion thatWhilst I adored all this novel set out to do and the startlingly bleak future reality constructed I found the concept was both the nexus and the entire focus of the novel This was a largely slow paced personal character study of the protagonist that used one individual s plight to speak volumes for the untold number of women just like her It was uite like the renowned The Handmaid s Tale in that respect Whilst I understand why the focus was so introspective and individualised I also longed for something else Only I m not exactly sure what it was that was missing for me personally I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Sophie Mackintosh and the publisher Penguin for this opportunity

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FROM THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE LONGLISTED AUTHOR OF THE WATER CUREDiscover this chilling new novel about motherhood and personhood free will and fate human longing and animal instinctCalla knows how the lottery works Everyone does On the day of your first bleed you. I should have listened to my intuition and skipped this one I couldn t though I loved Sophie Mackintosh s The Water Cure so much that I had to read her new bookI m sorry to say I found it boringIt s a book about women s choice to choose and is set in probably present day England The majority of women are not allowed to have babies though we are never told the reason A lottery determines who will have a procedure to stop them from getting pregnant and who will be forced to have babiesThe young girls get no input They simply receive either a white ticket baby making material or a blue ticket nope you re not allowed to pass on your DNA Perhaps those who are mothers or who want to be will find this enjoyable than I did I couldn t relate to the characters at all in their longing for a child The story follows Calla a blue ticket holder who figures out how she can get pregnant She then has to go on the run to try to escape the authorities and cross the border into another countryAlong the way she meets a couple other blue ticket holders who also want babies We witness as Calla falls in love with the growing life inside her thinks about her pregnancy and the changes in her body blah blah blah Like I said boring There is one twist to the story that made the end a little interesting but that s not enough to salvage the bookAnother gripe what the heck is it with smoking For a while books and movies and tv shows did not promote it but now the characters smoke in just about every movie and tv show and this book It being about pregnant women you would think smoking isn t constantly in your face but it is Even the doctors smoke This pisses me off If it s based on a real life character who smoked then OK have herhim light up occasionally In this book just about everyone smokes and they re all fictional charactersI find this unethical We know how dangerous smoking is and how addictive It is not cool It kills People suffocate to death from COPD Yes many people still smoke it s extremely difficult to break the addiction Because of that fictional characters should not be promoting it making it seem cool and simply what everyone does Encouraging young people to pick up this habitaddiction Shame on authors and movietv producers who do thisSo do I recommend this book Sure if you identify with women who want desperately to have a baby and enjoy a bit of dystopia And if you like books without any dialogue and that read like a boring diary without any explanation as to why things are the way they are For everyone else you can probably safely skip this one I wish I had

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    Oh no For a long time I didn’t give any book two stars and I didn’t get disappointed by a book but well you cannot always get what you wish forFor celebrating empowerment of women I chose this reading for this special day and of course that beautiful haunted effective cover stole my heart from the first look but as soon as I flip the pag

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    ''We lined up waiting to pull our tickets from the machine the way you would take your number at the butcher's counter The music popular that year played from speakers on the ceiling Just gravity enough Not necessarily such an important thing after all'' Calla is waiting for a ticket Blue ticket white ticket A lottery for a life without child

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    I should have listened to my intuition and skipped this one I couldn't though I loved Sophie Mackintosh's The Water Cure so much that I had to read her new bookI'm sorry to say I found it boringIt's a book about women's choice to c

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    3 4 starsThis is Calla’s story in an unnamed country place or time She lives with her father until her first menstruation and then is taken with other girls to The Lottery where she receives a blue ticket which is placed inside a locket Sh

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    The thing is bookshops are over packed with 'feminist dystopias' obsessing about babies and motherhood Yes reproductive rights remain a contested issue but Atwood nailed the topic and this feels like one of many

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    I was really excited about this book and I knew I wanted to read it as soon as I heard about it Much like when reading ‘The Water Cure’ I e

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    There are two paths a girl can take in life and both are governed by a lottery A white ticket will see her with a baby a husband and a loving h

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    This isnot fun to read I DNF'd about halfway through and couldn't force myself to continue Reasons you would enjoy Blue Ticket You don't like characters or characters talking You are interested in hearing a single character tell you she's sad but like for the whole book You are bored by things like world building or character interactions Imagine picking up a diary written by someone from what I would call a mild dystopia That's

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    Published today 27082020 That’s how your life becomes a set thing written and unchangeable It was an object that did not really belong to me and to wish for any other was a fallacy at best treasonous at worst Blue ticket Don’t u

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    First things first Mackintosh’s prose has gotten even better since her debut which I already enjoyed a lot There is something mesmerizing about the way she constructs her sentences and I am always in love with her metaphors and allusions On a sentence by sentence level this is excellent and cemented what I said after