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Beau Andreas the true father Pearl has never met and the only man Ruby will ever long for with all her body and soul Desperate to find the complete fulfilling life she craves Ruby builds a precarious new existence a flimsy shanty of hope that the first flood washes away Only when the storm exposes the very blackest evils of the past will she glimpse the rainbow's fragile promise a morning of sunshine and laughter with a family of her own. Even though it s been a long time since I ve read this I remembered the plot fairly well so it was interesting to read knowing what was about to unravelI ended up enjoying this one even this time around The first half is the best but the second half had me gnawing my fingernails even though I knew the outcome As an adult I can better understand Ruby s decisions even if they weren t well thought out I also managed to like Beau a little better than in the previous books because he owned up to his past actions and stepped up when needed Still not my favorite person but I respected him for thatI still love Paul and cried at his demise He deserved better The setting of Cypress Woods is my second favorite setting in the entire VCA universeThe story for this one is wild in a soap opera kind of way but it made for a fun reread I d say this one is almost as good as the previous book

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All That Glitters Landry #3

Driven from the Dumas Mansion back to her beloved bayou Ruby's only hope is that fate will let her begin anew Living again in a humble shack Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her precious infant daughter Pearl Paul Tate her first love whom she was forced to abandon is at her side once now a man of dazzling wealth When he whisks her into his grand house it seems their future is assured As mistress of Cypress Woods Rub. Contains SpoilersDid you ever watch Days of Our Lives in the early 90 s If you did you ll know what I m talking about if you didn t that s okay too this will still make sense The plot lines in this are so ridiculous they are reminiscent of Stefano kidnapping Marlena and keeping her in a giant bird cage yes they are that ridiculous Ruby goes back to the Bayou to have her baby Pearl and her half brother is still in love with her even though he knows they are half siblings She agrees to marry him so that he can take care of them since he is a rich oil tycoon now My uestion is why does she have to marry him Why can t they just live together as brother and sister Makes no senseThen her twin sister falls sick and Beau comes up with a plan to switch identities so that Beau and Ruby can be back together again Seriously Why is this even a thing Of course the truth comes out in the end because her half brother s mom fights for custody of her baby even though she has no blood relation and all the family secrets come out in court Talk about a soap operaI will say though as ridiculous as VC Andrews gets I can t help but devour the books The story kept me turning the pages and wanting It s so trashy yet it s so good

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Y can forget even the shocking reason she and Paul must wed in a secret ceremony and remain husband and wife in name alone But the thick expensive walls of Cypress Woods cannot shut out the terrible memories that have woven their fabric over her destiny or the cold eyes of Paul's mother Gladys reminding Ruby of the secret she must keep to give Pearl a loving father Then her venomous twin sister Gisselle arrives to taunt her with news of. I don t even have a proper way to begin this review So I ll just put about as much effort into this as Andrew Neiderman didThis book sucked Honestly Ruby is about as likable as Christina Aguilera s character in Burlesue She Is Awful Once again we have a Mary Sue that is just so damn sweet that nothing can taint her aura of perfection And trust me in this book she does plenty that would cause uproar in any other universeI guess the best place to start is with Ruby who at this point is unbearably Mary Sue like except less perfect but still acts as though she is and the author writes her as though she s flawless In the last book I gave Ruby a break because she was still a victim of her circumstances but in All That Glitters she actually does some shitty stuff with hardly any repercussions and somehow we re still supposed to feel sorry for her She marries her half brotherchildhood sweetheart Paul but then has a secret affair with her baby s father once he comes back into the story then for some reason decides to inform Paul that she would like to switch places with her comatose twin so that she and Beau can be together which ultimately leads Paul to drown in a drunken stupor But Ruby s the victim right Everything about this plot was stupid selfish and unnecessarily difficultThen there s the affair Now I just hate the whole troupe leading up to it because it follows yet another troupe of bad communication causing problems for idiots To sum it up Ruby s been told by Gisselle that Beau s moved to Europe with his new fiance and since her chances of being with him are clearly out the window she decides to marry Paul upon that basis Little does she know that Beau broke off the engagement and came back to for her Since common sense doesn t exist in this series and Beau can t just seek Ruby out in the most obvious place she would flock to Beau decides that if he can t marry Ruby then he ll simply marry someone that looks like Ruby Yeah that says so much about what he really appreciates about Ruby her looks Eventually even fucking a Ruby lookalike isn t enough for him so Beau and Ruby start hooking up again Never mind the fact that Beau pretty much abandoned Ruby and her baby and then decides to take Ruby away to take care of her sexually while allowing Paul to continue taking care of her in every other aspect but it s okay He weakly assumes that his own wife has a bunch of her own boyfriends so that totally justifies his own infidelity Why doesn t Ruby and Beau simply divorce their spouses and marry each other Because that would give other people even bad reasons to dislike our precious Ruby and our ghost writer s ego is just too fragile to have his main character be purposely unlikableI ll end my rant with Paul s mother Gladys who is supposed to be kind of a co antagonist in this book simply due to the fact that she doesn t adore the crap that comes out of Ruby s ass And really she is just an awful person First of she s completely against the son that she s loved as her own marrying his half sister because what s the worst that can happen there And when her son dies in a drunken stupor she takes revenge against Ruby by selfishly taking away the baby she already abandoned as her own by taking on Gisselle s identity Honestly I was on Gladys side in this book Paul was driven to his death because Ruby wanted to have everything with no conseuences and all Gladys did was show her that even she wasn t above reproach Ruby almost lost her daughter because getting her one true love without anyone hating her for it was the most important thing in the world and she really didn t think about any conseuences when making the decision to switch places with her twin Does it totally justify what Gladys did No In a well written book with a realistically likable protagonist trying to take custody of someone s child beyond the grounds of unsafe living environments would have been borderline evil But given that Gladys did have her reasons to hate Ruby I ll give her a pass in this review At least someone had the balls and the backup to let Ruby know she wasn t a ray of sunshine on everyone s livesEverything that I hated about the way Andrew Neiderman wrote Ruby was exacerbated in this book Ruby is written as the most perfect beautiful human on the planet her mistakes and flaws are obvious than ever and Neiderman relies even on other characters liking her to justify those flaws I can t even finish the series now thanks to All That Glitters it was that hard to get through I don t care any what happens to Pearl and I could care even less about what happened to Ruby s mother I m so done with this red haired devil from the depths of her mother s supposed perfection

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    I preferred Paul over Beau from day one so naturally I had issues with this book Ruby turned into her sister as much as she would like to deny it She should never have swapped with her Sick sister and taken advantage of Giselle like that She didn't even feel sad for Giselle dying it was like she was just some dopplegange

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    WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I am giving this one an extra star than it deserves simply because of the sheer entertainment value All That Glitters is the third book in the Landry Saga By now we're firmly entrenched in silly soap like shenanigans Ruby is married to her half brother Paul Giselle is still a bitch and i

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    Contains SpoilersDid you ever watch Days of Our Lives in the early 90's? If you did you'll know what I'm talking about if you didn't that's okay too this will still make sense The plot lines in this are so ridiculous they are reminiscent of Stefano kidnapping Marlena and keeping her in a giant bird cage yes they are that ridiculous Ruby goe

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    I don't even have a proper way to begin this review So I'll just put about as much effort into this as Andrew Neiderman didThis book sucked Hon

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    Totally ridiculous and over the top story line but I loved every page of it Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby What were you thinking? How was it ever a good idea to marry your half brother for security when he is still madly in love with you? You went on and on about how lives shouldn't be based on lies and then go about creating the biggest lie for yourse

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    The lies that started before Ruby Dumas was born seemed to have one impact after another on Ruby her life and people around her With her baby P

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    Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve read this I remembered the plot fairly well so it was interesting to read

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    15 stars It really pissed me off I spent the first two books kind of liking the main character who always tried to do what was right or at least would not hurt people But towards the end of this book she makes a very stupid desion that didn't not fit with her character and in general it was a very stupid idea that could not work It wasn't even a intresting stupid that I want to watch and see what happens Instead I spent the last part of

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    This book ended a lot better than I thought it would For once a VC Andrews book had an ending that was completely happy I admit some of the characters didn't turn out exactly as I thought they would and mid book I

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    best book in this particular saga