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The exciting seuel to the acclaimed epic fantasy debut Spellwright by Blake CharltonFrancesca DeVega is a healer in the city of Avel composing magical sentences that close wounds and disspell curses But when a newly dead patient sits up and tells her that she must flee the infirmary or face a fate worse than death Francesca finds herself in the middle of a game she doesn't understand one that ties he. Well what can I sayNormally I m reluctant to go the full five stars with a book well not that reluctant but I rarely give entire series all fives unless I absolutely love them However when I finished this brilliant follow up to Spellwright I had to award another five starsBlake Charlton may not be receiving the accolades of Pat Rothfuss but I would encourage every true fantasy lover to engage in this series and read it Both are eually deserving up and comers in the genre from what I ve read of their workSpellwright as a debut novel introduced a fascinating magic system whereby magicians cause spells to be made in various muscles Different spells are framed in different languages that affect different substances Some work only in fire metal cloth or in darkness but all perform the tasks magicians spell out So then basically into this world is introduced the cacographers Those who mispell all text they touch And the hero of the first novel and this subseuent volume is an extremely powerful cacographer His journey was plotted out in the first of the seriesThis the second book is very well written and also excellently plotted clearly thought through There is the clever introduction of new characters and characters are transformed from the form in which they were introduced in the first book I did not enjoy this as much as I did the first it was not as uniue but from the point of view of continuing the story it was brilliant nonetheless I m very grateful this was written and that I managed to find itFrom a literary point of view this as a tale is a journey of discovery As the protagonist of the previous book adjusts to his new abilities seeking fulfilment in the full recovery of his faculties And ultimately recognising that fulfilment is closer at handIf you love fantasy and haven t begun this series you re missing out I for one cannot wait for the next book

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T Unfortunately he can't escape the chaos of his old life His mentor suffers from an incurable curse agents of the fabled Halcyon hunt him day and night pieces of Francesca's story don't add up and the prophesized War of Disjunction looms on the horizonNico and Francesca don't know it yet but they are going to have to fit together the pieces of an age old puzzle and discover the demon's darkest secre. Last year I read and reviewed Blake Charlton s fantastic Spellwright and now I ll write a review about the fantastic seuel Spellbound which is even better and fascinating than Spellwright In other words it s a perfect seuel and readers who have read Spellwright will love itBefore I begin to write my review I ll mention that this review is based on a PDF review version of Spellbound The PDF version didn t contain any maps or cover art It took me only a couple of days to read this PDF version because I couldn t stop reading it when I m reading an interesting book I find it extremely difficult to stop reading the book Now that I ve had time to digest what I ve read I m ready to write the review I ll try to avoid too many spoilersSpellbound is a traditional fantasy book and it contains elements which are often associated with traditional fantasy These elements are charming and they add a nice flavour to the story I know that there are fantasy readers who don t want to read traditional fantasy which is a real shame because they don t know what they re missing Traditional fantasy is at its best like it is in this book fantastic and thrilling entertainment and it shouldn t be overlooked That s why I m not afraid to praise Spellbound in this review I apologize if the last couple of phrases sounded like preaching but in my opinion we need books like Spellbound because fantasy readers must be reminded how good traditional fantasy can beThe events of Spellbound take place ten years after the first book That s why it s essential and important to read Spellwright before reading Spellbound It s probably impossible to understand what s going on unless you ve read Spellwright because Blake Charlton reveals new things in this book and all events are based on previous events the author goes full speed ahead and spends only little time repeating previous eventsSpellbound starts with a furious and breath taking pace and the author knows how to keep the pace brisk enough to keep his readers glued to the book until the end Although the pace slows down a bit after the start there aren t any dull moments because something is always going on or something is going to happen soon The plot and the subplots are fascinatingThe main characters are Nicodemus Weal and Francesca DeVega Here s a bit of information about Nicodemus and Francesca Readers who have read Spellwright know that Nicodemus is a young man who has trouble with normal spells because he suffers from cacography He can only use different kind of spells Francesca is a healer a cleric whose life is turned upside down when her patient dies and then comes back to life and tells her about what s going on in AvelIn my opinion both main characters are three dimensional and believable fantasy characters It was a pleasure to read about themThere are also other interesting characters These characters include I ll only mention four characters Deirdre who is under the demon s Typhon influence and tries to deceive the demon as often as she can Cyrus who is Francesca s old friend and an air warden Shannon who is Nicodemus mentor He suffers from a canker curse which is slowly killing him Typhon is a demon who tries to start the War of Disjunction which will bring end to human languageIt was nice to read about Deirdre and Shannon and what s happened to them since the end of Spellwright I m sure that readers will be as delighted as I was to find out new things about their fateBlake Charlton writes with passion about his characters and makes them come to life He focuses nicely on the characters and keeps the reader guessing about certain things and skillfully reveals bits and pieces about them In my opinion Spellbound s character development is similar to Spellwright s character development because the characters are as likeable in Spellbound as they are in the first book Character interaction is almost flawless and the dialogues are well written The author switches narration fluently between different characters and keeps the story flowing without problemsThere were several fascinating things in Spellbound I found it interesting that the author wrote about intelligent lycanthropes who were believed to be able to use spells and disguise themselves as people in order to lure helpless victims among them The beast called Savanna Walker is one of the most intriguing monsters I ve read about It s a deadly creature that drives men mad and causes aphasia Air wardens lofting kites and airships were also intriguing It s possible that when readers hear about airships they automatically assume that they have something to do with steampunk or they re similar to the airships in Terry Brooks The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy but I can say that these readers are wrong if they think this way Blake Charlton s airships are totally original creations Hierophants and their spells were interesting It was fun to read about themIt was great that the author explored new areas in Spellbound It was also great to read about spellwriting again because Blake Charlton s magic system is one of the most uniue and thoroughly convincing magic systems I ve ever read about during the last couple of years In this book the author brings new depth to his magic system and reveals several new things to the readerWorldbuilding is much better in Spellbound than it was Spellwright Blake Charlton has created a richly detailed and charming fantasy world which gradually begins to open to the reader He writes beautifully about new vistas and placesSpellbound has nice moments of humour which lighten the atmosphere nicely There are also intriguing mystery elements and subplots which spice up the storyAlthough Spellbound is a middle book it doesn t feel like a middle book because the action is suspenseful and the plot is good Some authors have problems with middle books but not Blake Charlton Spellbound is a good example of a fascinating and carefully written middle book because it s better and engaging than its predecessorConsidering that Spellbound is Blake Charlton s second book it s amazing how good and entertaining it is I expected Spellbound to be a good book but it exceeded all my expectations Spellwright was a traditional but uniue fantasy book because the author had invented a new and original magic system but I dare say that Spellbound is even uniue because the author has taken all the interesting bits from Spellwright and added elements and new twists to the storyI was impressed by the author s ability to explore several different things and I was amazed by how much information Blake Charlton had included in Spellbound this book contains information than Spellwright It s possible that readers who don t remember what happened in Spellwright may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information but I wasn t overwhelmed I loved every part of this book because the author didn t underestimate the intelligence of his readersIn my opinion Blake Charlton has matured as a writer and he s now a confident and experienced writer than before his confidence and experience can be seen in the way he writes about the events After reading Spellbound it s easy for me to say that Blake Charlton is definitely one of the best and most talented new fantasy writers at this moment because he writes good entertaining and vivid fantasy prose He also has a good imagination which is needed when you write about fictional worldsSpellbound is one of the best fantasy books I ve read this year I like Blake Charlton s writing style and seemingly endless imagination very much On a scale from one to ten Spellbound gets full ten points from me for being an entertaining imaginative detailed and emotional fantasy book Spellbound can be recommended to readers who like epic fantasy stories and want to immerse themselves into reading and experience the joy of reading good fantasy It s excellent epic fantasy for adult readers I m sure that younger readers will also love it I m eagerly looking forward to reading the third book Spellbreaker because I want to know how the trilogy endsIf you haven t read Blake Charlton yet you should seriously consider reading his books because they re wonderful and imaginative fantasy entertainment Spellwright and Spellbound belong to everybody fantasy reader s reading list and bookshelf I think it s possible to turn reluctant fantasy readers into fantasy lovers by giving them Blake Charlton s books because both books are impossible to put downHighly recommended

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R to the notorious rogue wizard Nicodemus Weal and brings her face to face with demons demigods and a man she hoped never to see againTen years ago Nico escaped Starhaven Academy leaving behind his failed life in which he was considered disabled and felt useless Now in Spellbound he's starting fresh using his newfound gifts in the dark Chthonic languages to pursue the emerald that holds his birthrigh. ten years after the events in Spellwright Nicodemus has left the Heaven Tree Valley and is now in the city of Avel still pursuing the demon Typhon in an attempt to recover the Emerald of Aarahest which contains the other part of his soul and the cure to his cacography With it he will be able to become the Halycon a prophesied savior of magical language instead of what he is now the Storm Petrel a prophesied destroyer of magical language He s determined to let nothing stop him in this uest but then Francesca arrives and invokes feelings inside him that he s never felt beforeFrancesca is a cleric no longer attached to the wizardly order who uses her magic to help her patients However when Typhon s reluctant avatar Dierdre dies on her table and then comes back to life Francesca s world view is shattered as she uncovers a demon s secret plot to take over Avel and then the entire continent not to mention the plans that the demon apparently has for her and her alone plans that he s had ever since Francesca first entered the city It seems that her only hope will be to find the rogue wizard Nicodemus but to do that she has to tag along with her ex lover Cyrus the Air Warden of AvelA diverse and entertaining castThe characters in Spellwright Nicodemus Shannon and Dierdre were absolutely amazing They were rough that s for sure but they were still very believable and very interesting to me as a reader In Spellbound we have those same characters with the two major additions of Francesca and her old lover Cyrus There are also two wizards Vivian and Lotannu who show up in Avel aboard a warship with motives that no one can guess Finally Shannon s ghost plays a role in the story although a rather small one but with the ghost comes an added perspective to the story that wasn t previously presentNicodemus has matured uite a bit in the ten years since the events in Spellwright Due to the effect his cacography has on the text he writes he s nearly abandoned the wizardly languages and has resorted to the kobold s languages that he writes on his skin and doesn t misspell Nicodemus has become almost like a man raised by wolves during the ten years away from civilization nomadic untrusting and a bit of a lonerHumor in epic fantasy What madness is thisThe writing throughout this trilogy has been above par almost masterful but the dialogue goes above and beyond in Spellbound The back and forth between Francesca and Cyrus made me laugh out loud at multiple points in the novel Francesca s dialogue alone is hilarious She s a spitfire with a sharp tongue that she isn t afraid to use on anyone Francesca and Cyrus aren t completely hogging the humor in Spellbound however Vivian and Lotannu have their banter as well and Nicodemus has his own moments of extreme witHumor is so rarely used in epic fantasy at least not humor that we can actually relate to and it really adds something to a novel Most epic fantasy is oh so serious and there s absolutely no time for any kind of humor in such a world where the fate of humanity is at stake but it makes the story so much memorable when you give readers something to laugh at The last time I saw humor used so liberally was in Mistborn it s used a bit and uite a bit better in Spellbound I seriously have to applaud Charlton for his masterful use of humor which wasn t overwhelming at all instead providing just the right amount of brevity to give Spellbound that memorable ualityDefying the standard trilogy setupWe all know the format for trilogies The first book is an awesome introduction to the story and the world leaving us wanting The second book comes out and we re just kind of eh about it because it s obviously a transitory book used for almost solely for plot development and nothing really happens so it s boring Then the third book comes out and we re all absolutely wowed by how well it wraps up the story Granted this is for most normal good trilogiesIn this case the second novel is so much better than the first Let me say that again because I seriously doubt that you read what you thought you read It s better than the first There I said it Charlton has seriously delivered in this second novel that doesn t feel like a second novel Spellbound reads like that first awesome novel that you just can t get enough of and it s an amazing featHoweverWe see Nicodemus in the beginning of the novel but then only sparingly until about two thirds through when he steps up his game and plays of a major role in the story While I think that introducing new characters is important failing to highlight your main character is a bit of a misstep when writing a novel Along the same lines another small complaint I have regards Cyrus I found him to be a very interesting character but once Francesca finds Nicodemus he seems to only play a bit part which didn t do the character justice at allWhy should you read this bookWell if you still haven t raced off to the bookstore to buy it since reading the above let s go through a little list of why Spellbound is the best seuel I ve read this year Characters that you can really believe are part of that world Check Writing that leaves you fully immersed in the story Check The most uniue magic system I ve ever read about Check Plot twists and character developments galore Check Textual dragons a bit of romance some badass monsters and an evil mastermind Check check check and checkCharlton has impressed me than I thought I could be impressed by an author I went into this with high expectations after reading Spellwright and I was still blown away The Spellwright Trilogy is turning out to be one of the best trilogies of the decade and I seriously cannot wait for the conclusion which I m pretty sure is going to amaze me even than Spellbound did

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    Egads I had to do math to figure out the rating for this and I resent that Because like Teen Talk Barbie I think math is hardAnyhow Blake please don't read this one either It's just not a good ideaSooohere's why math was involved I kept having to break the book down into pieces There was the first third then the second half of th

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    Well what can I sayNormally I'm reluctant to go the full five stars with a book well not that reluctant but I rarely give entire series all fives unless I absolutely love them However when I finished this brilliant follow up to Spellwright I had to award another five starsBlake Charlton may not be receiving the accolades of Pat Rothfuss but I

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    Spellbound is an improvement over Spellwright It’s got the same fun feel and the same loveable characters but there’s a level of maturity depth and growth in Spellbound that really makes it fly high Charlton has made his mark I am excited to see where he can take us nextRead my full review here

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    ten years after the events in Spellwright Nicodemus has left the Heaven Tree Valley and is now in the city of A

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    Spellbound is right up there with my most entertaining novels so far this year Blake Charlton puts the pedal to the metal from the get go and doesn't let off until the last word is written The book really has a bit of everything interesting magic system cool and fun characters great action some comedy drama romance tragedy horror go

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    Those of you who have seen my review of Spellwright the first book in the series will know that my journey into the series started whe

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    This book is so much fun It starts with the rush of action and exhilaration with which most fantasy stories end We've all read enough of them to know the formula slow pace methodically building up to the fantastic

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    I uite enjoyed this book and the beginning was made all the better by including a brief synopsis of part of the first book which allowed me to recall other parts of the story and better place what was occurring in context The action built up slowly introducing some new characters and reusing some old ones and the

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    Last year I read and reviewed Blake Charlton's fantastic Spellwright and now I'll write a review about the fantastic seuel Spellbound which is even better and fascinating than Spellwright In other words it's a perfect seuel and readers who have read Spellwright will love itBefore I begin to write my review I'll mention that this review is

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    Wonderful book to read I really loved this one It is the continuation of Spellwright and features besides the main characters from the first book some new characters Let me start with the fact that this book wil

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