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A fascinating account of a British woman s epic journey cycling round the globe fron East to West Using historical routes as her inspiration Anne Mustoe followed the ancient Roman roads to. When I heard that Anne Mustoe had written a second book on her travels I just had to have it Her first book A Bike Ride is one of my favourite travel books read and re read over the yearsAt age 54 she left her job and set out alone to circle the globe on her bicycle as detailed in A Bike Ride Once was not enough for the intrepid Mustoe however and at 60 she embarked on a second world cycle tour which she describes in Lone Traveller Starting from the Colosseum in Rome she followed Roman Roads to Lisbon From there she travelled the routes of the Conuitadores across South America followed in the footsteps of Austrailan explorers through the Outback and embarked on the fabled Silk Road from China to the MediterraneanAnne Mustoe is intelligent articulate and literate A scholar and former headmistress her expolits are told in an engaging and delightful fashion She brings a freshness and immediacey to her writing unlike the cynical observations of many world weary travel writers Mustoe is delighted to immerse herself in new countries and cultures but without sugar coating the difficulties met and sumounted along the way Her amazing joureys make for a breathtaking read I had great difficulty in putting this book down

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Lone Traveller

Lisbon travelled with the Conuistadors across South America pursued Captain Cook over the Pacific to Australia and Indonesia and followed the caravans along the fabled Silk Road from Xi a. The common uestions about traveling are often consented around the practical aspects of cycle touring rather than the journeyThis is not the usual travelogueIn this book contained within separate chapters are the ins and outs of dealing with the situations you might encounter within any countryBy no means a definitive guide but a nudge to use common sense based on what you have observed and therefore anticipate

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N back to Rome Full of exciting stories of police arrest the threat of guerillas and attacks by wild dogs Lone Traveller is an engrossing tale one woman s experiences on a remarkable journ. Great book inspiring me to cycle to India

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    I had the great opportunity to meet Anne Mustoe on my recent travels in Mali, West Africa She is a great lady and I could hardly wait to get home and read her 2 books I couldn t put them down Her descriptions are animated, entertaining and humorous They are filled with lots of great advice for any traveller who wants to go everywhere, whether on bike or not She provides an insight into cultures that only a traveller going through

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    When I heard that Anne Mustoe had written a second book on her travels, I just had to have it Her first book A B

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    She makes it sound so easy Just start pedalling, without any training, and go round the world Easy going with so many interesting meetings and descriptions of where she is I have ordered two of her other books Very human contacts with locals who were so kind to her.

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    I have read and loved Anne Mustoe s books for years from her first adventure this is a collection of episodes from various expeditions and includes some hair raising stuff How sad but appropriate that she died whil

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    The common questions about traveling are often consented around the practical aspects of cycle touring rather th

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    Bought as a present I read the book previously and thoroughly enjoyed it What an achievement for the writer to have branc

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    no complaints about service good book enjoyed it.

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    Great book, inspiring me to cycle to India

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    the usual excellent read

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    Anne Mustoe s books are gems They all contain her scholarly knowledge, her enthusiasm, her curiosity and above all, her capacity fo