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Y as well as a captivating new mentor both of whom may just need her as much as she needs them What the twins don't realize is that each of them has only half the story and if they can just find their way back to one another they have a chance to remake their worl. Review originally posted on A Frolic Through Fiction book blog Hey Ashleigh how does it feel to be in the 1% of the population that doesn t absolutely adore this book Pretty odd actually Because I was so convinced I d love itDon t get me wrong I liked it But that s my point It s good it served its purpose but unfortunately I fell for the too much hype demon that can take over our reader mindsYes that s a thingI can definitely see why so many people would love this book I mean it does tackle so many issues and feelings There s the LGBT aspect to start with the complicated family life the loss of a loved one etc etc And I did appreciate that a lot Of course I did Especially that last one Every issue was handled in a realistic and respectful way making them a normal part of everyday life And if one of the issues isn t a part of your everyday life Well you d have no problem understanding what it feels like to go through with this book No one tells you how gone gone really is or how long it lasts The good thing is I know exactly what it was that put me off this book That s a good thing Yes because I can explain myselfFor one how the story is told really added a lot of confusion for me Not in the I don t understand what s going on sense in a why in the world is this happening sense There s such an abundance of over active imagination in this writing Doesn t sound like a bad thing I know But when normal scenes are suddenly described as some sort of imagined fantasy world I d just think wait what I mean one minute the scene would be ordinary the next this is happening He floated into the air high above the sleeping forest his green hat spinning a few feet above his head In his hand was the open suitcase and out of it spilled a whole sky of stars But oh wait no they just imagined it My bad And when each character is calling themselves crazy every so often I actually started to wonder whether this book is about some sort of mental illness or whether it s just because both characters are artists and are constantly imagining paintings etc Apparently it s not mental illness it s a lot of imagination But the fact that I wasn t sure until I looked through the genres really unnerved me and made me feel a bit awful because I feel like I should ve known the differenceI know the imagination stuff is probably why most people love it Maybe it s just a lack of imagination on my behalf though I highly doubt it since I practically have my own fantasy world going on in my head Either way not for meThe other thing So many bad events Again I know this is probably a good thing because so many issues are tackled and YES OF COURSE THAT S GOOD But I think it just overwhelmed me a little bit because both characters focused on the bad things so much so the entire book just seemed like a bit of a grey cloudBut like I said I DID ENJOY THIS BOOK I know I just went on a not so good ramble But I just feel like I needed to explain itOne thing that always interested me was the difference in formatting every so often I seem to have a thing for interesting formats so the paint splatters painting titles and superstitious notes embedded all the way through were intriguing to me They also added the personality of each character to the pages depending who s point of view you re reading fromThe change in perspectives also made the story mysterious With Noah writing from the age of 1314 and Jude from the age of 16 the mystery of what happened between them really kept the pages turning I wanted the story to be pieced together I needed to know what happened to cause everything to break so muchAnd wow do I get it This is such a complicated family story full of betrayal and lies love and loss anger and forgiveness Nothing failed to shock me Somehow I never found myself thinking something else was going to happen so then it d hit me full force and I had no choice but to continue on to see what happens I especially didn t expect all the characters to connect up as they didI just wish this book hadn t been hyped up to me uite as much as it had been Yes I enjoyed it I don t regret reading it I m giving it a good rating I just don t think it was as phenomenally groundbreaking as everyone else seems to think unfortunately

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I'll Give You the Sun

This is the big one the BLAZING story of once inseparable twins whose lives are torn apart by tragedy Entertainment Weekly Winner of the Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature From the critically acclaimed author of The Sky Is Everywhere a radiant n. Beautifully writen

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Ovel that will leave you laughing and crying all at once For fans of John Green Gayle Forman and Lauren OliverJude and her twin Noah were incredibly close until a tragedy drove them apart and now they are barely speaking Then Jude meets a cocky broken beautiful bo. This was a surprise read for me I had heard great things and noticed a lot of 5 star reviews but I kept away from all of that as much as I could All I knew about I ll Give You The Sun was that the main protagonists were fraternal twins a boy and a girl where the male grapples with his identityI think the biggest surprise for me was the interconnectedness of this novel Just about every point seemingly irrelevant or not has meaning A symbolism a prophecy a reason for being And because of that this novel has a strong interwoven web of plot and arc that kept surprising me at every turnAnd Jandy Nelson s writing style was a delight Such a lovely turn of phrase where the narrative deals a lot with art Jandy s writing was akin to art itself without being egotisticalTold in alternating perspectives by our two leads the twins Noah 3 years in the past and Jude his sister in the present I think the theme that is most heavy in the narrative and rings true for all the characters is that we are all fallible and struggling to find our way through this messy life and find that safe place where we are expressing our true authentic selves Add into that all the dramatic and familial themes that can happen like love sex sibling rivalry coming of age the deconstruction of childhood innocence and I ll Give You The Sun really shinesGoing into this novel with little prior knowledge I guessed at the main plot fairly early on but it was never solidified as the diaphanous nature of symbolism and art weighing heavily on the narrative there was always some doubt But those early guesses came to ring true but there was so much subtext and many many arcs that grew around this main thread which provided such serendipity I was transfixedThere was one spot about halfway through the novel in a chapter from Jude s point of view where the pacing lagged a little but in hindsight it was setting up a number of plot points for the rollercoaster ride to the conclusion I ll Give You the Sun wraps up nicely a bitter sweet ending with a strong sense of hope It s been a while since I last got a book hangover from a contemporary and I highly recommend this It has a delicate hand on some difficult topics and an interesting lens through which to view the world I treasure this reading experience

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    What a beautiful story of heart break and love so closely intertwined There are a couple of lines in his book that articulate a deep feeling that I could never articulate

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    This is than the average teenage angst book It has fully developed characters who display the conseuences of miscommunication all to well and the devastation that this can lead to I have found myself rooting for these people and wanting them to reveal and healThis is a well plotted well paced novel For me supe

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    Beautifully writen

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    I loved the emotions it stirred up in me as I read it I strongly recommend reading this book Awesome

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    Loved this book characters storyline and the way the chapters jumped in two ponts in time This is an excellent read

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    This was a surprise read for me I had heard great things and noticed a lot of 5 star reviews but I kept away from all of that as much as I could All I knew about ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ was that the main protagonists were fra

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    Beautifully written loveable characters absolutely gorgeous book Loved it

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    Review originally posted on A Frolic Through Fiction book blog “Hey Ashleigh how does it feel to be in the 1% of the population that doesn’t absolutely adore this book”Pretty odd actually Because I was so con

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    So I read Jandy Nelson's debut novel 'The Sky is Everywhere' and I was thrilled to see that she had another novel out so I bought the hardback version right awayOverall I enjoyed the book The language is very interesting and uniue Jandy Nelson has a very distinctive turn of phrase which makes her novels so different from a lot of young adult

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    Before I start I should fess up that I am a fifty something reader not a teen which is the target audience That said I loved it Jandy's writing style is uniue the Americanisms gave the narrative a ring of realism but then I'm from Cambridge UK so again might not be best placed to comment on that and the plot line was for

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    It took me a while to get into this book so much so that I read the first few chapters and then left it for a month But for some reason when I picked it up again I couldn't put it down The characters and their lives turn ou

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    So different to most books I have read before I struggled with the characters at the start but then got caught up and carried away with their trials and tribulations Twins with attitude talent and an ability to cut their nose off despite their face do full circle in a creative colourful and crazy world with destruction love and ghosts playing an interesting role