{PDF epub} Princess Tamer 2: A LitRPG Harem Adventure author Neil Bimbeau – Book, Kindle or eBook

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With a gorgeous warrior babe at his side Jack is racing through the nearly dead Hyperia Online VRMMO eager to use an exploit that can turn the world s princesses into romanceable characters complete with an option to turn them into a submissive swinging harem Now as Jack gets closer to the NPC he saved from a life of handing out low level uests her personality begins to change She ssubmissive eage.

REVIEW Princess Tamer 2: A LitRPG Harem Adventure

Princess Tamer 2: A LitRPG Harem Adventure

R to please and the idea of him controlling the world s most beautiful women has become her greatest fantasy She wants to be at his side when takes over the world and when she offers him something he s never been able to experience in the real world in order to prove her loyalty he s unable to resist He s well on his way to becoming King of an abandoned gamebut what happens when it suddenly become.


S less abandoned Princess Tamer is the second installment in a new LitRPG harem series by Neil Bimbeau It contains elements of LitRPG along with dragons sexy Viking babes naughty princesses a girlfriend who turns into a leather clad assassin and a VERY confused dev team watching their almost dead game shoot back up to Also themes of alpha male dominance harem romance and MF MFF and MFFF scenes onl.